oh look what i finally got round to doing!

i had the bestest time in hawaii, everything was gorgeous it was so nice to relax and i experienced things that i never had before! i haven’t traveled a lot so every small difference was just mind blowing and i fell in love with creation all over again. i can’t wait to go back or even just surf and snorkel again, can’t explain how much i love the ocean!!! i took so many photos and i have more i could of shown you and when i get my film developed i will make sure you can see them but this is a huge bundle of my favorite places and moments! if you have any questions please let me know! i miss it so much!

i hope you’re doing well and school/ life is treating you good! enjoy all the photos!

xx frankie!


Hawaii (15)

Hawaii (11)

Hawaii (14)

Hawaii (12)

Hawaii (2)

Hawaii (10)

Hawaii (9)

Hawaii (6)

Hawaii (7)

Hawaii (5)

Hawaii (8)

Hawaii (3)

Hawaii (4)

Hawaii (1)


woah, go you! made it to the end! xx


fashion things i love, take 2.

hello lovelies!

today is my 16th bday! woo, i feel a bit old! but what’s more exciting is that i go to hawaii on saturday, my flights at midnight too which i think is pretty cool!

i thought before i go i would sneak in one more post, this is the second time i’ve done this and it’s double the size! when i get back i’ll share lots of photos, and what i got! ahhh cant wait! and i have put my april playlist below too, enjoy and thanks for reading!

xxx frankie



3. read morearticles, interviews, blog posts, books, fill the little head with info. (2)


* graphic tees *

all of these ones are cool cool cool. i recently got a comme des garcons tee from a 2nd hand shop and it is small fitting and i love it!

* pant-suits *

i adore suits on women, the look strong and masculine as well as powerful and pretty. Hillary Clinton rocks them like nobody’s business!

* slip dresses *

im gonna be on the look out for one of these in hawaii, i kinda want one in khaki green.

* pink *

kinda explains itself, its my fav colour and i really want some more pink in my wardrobe!

3. read morearticles, interviews, blog posts, books, fill the little head with info. (1)* stripy shirts *

so chic, so cute, my favs the one with the thick pastel stripes.

* tie front tops *

the summer weather is slowly fading here is auckland buts it will be spring in hawaii so i can imagine rocking one of these on the beach.

* silk *

looks lovely, feels lovely.

* jumpsuits *

i’m only about five foot three so my hope is a jumpsuit would make me look a bit taller, can only hope.

movie stylin’

hello ello ello! you can tell i’m on holiday can’t you! 

i watch quite a few movies, i really love them. movies from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s i personally love the most. i love the stories, the characters but mostly the fashion. so i have chosen four movies that i think have pretty cool vibes and the clothes to help you re-create the looks. now these four movies are not my top four but i will share all the movies i absolutely love and that are must-sees a little bit later!

enjoy! xx F



clueless is oh so very iconic. it follows the life of cher an amazingly dressed american sixteen year old. there is love, parties, life changes and most other things that you can find in a classic teen movie.


“clueless” trends: mini skirts, shirts, singlets over t-shirts, high socks,  checks & plaid, slip dresses, hair accessories.




well this one has WINONA RYDER! so it’s good. winona plays veronica who is “friends” with three girls all named heather. she meets dark and mysterious JD and they become partners in true crime. each of the four girls have a colour, the heathers are red, green and yellow and veronica wears mainly blue.


“heathers” trends: black (funeral attire) , button up shirts, blazers with shoulder pads, hair ribbons, simple cuts.

HEATHERS (1).png



there aren’t really any female appearances in this coming of age film but why can’t girls get style inspo from a gang of twelve year old boys? this is one of my all time favorite movies, it features some classic actors according to the date of it’s release, river phoenix to name one (one of the reasons i love this movie cause he’s so cute).


“stand by me” trends: stripy t-shirts, straight leg jeans, duffle bags, polo shirts, white t-shirts.



this visually stunning film is directed by sophia coppola who also wrote the screenplay which is based on the book written by jeffrey eugenides. the movie focuses on the lives of the five blonde headed lisbon sisters. the movie is a bit dark in an odd way, i won’t give away the ending but the title kinda gives a bit of a clue. the soundtrack is amazing as well as the whole aesthetic.


“the virgin suicides” trends: floaty dresses, floral prints, pastel, pink, school uniforms, singlets, pleated skirts.



thanks for reading! xx

The things I loved in the Holidays.

sunday swooning1Hello, lovelies!

Happy Friday (for some of you)! Week one of Term two over and to be honest I have found it very tricky to get back into the swing of things.  For some unknown reason I haven’t been sleeping very well, I have only been getting about 5 hours each night. So school has well and truly taken a hold of me but I thought I would share and reminisce on the things I loved during the holidays!


As it was my birthday in April (there’s a post on that) I had some birthday spending money! I loved walking around the shops with my mum, brother, and friends without a time frame. I got some gorgeous clothes and knickknacks that I will share with yall soonish!


Auckland is a pretty big place and I think there is nothing better than being a tourist in your own city. I walked down Queens street,  Walked around Wynyard Quarter and checked out the World Masters games entertainment hub on Queen’s wharf, I went to Devonport, shopped at Britomart.  I had a fabulous time!


As I had more time in my day I put a little bit more time in the food I made and ate and also cooked some pretty good dinners. Eating out was pretty damn good too! 😉


As you may know, I change my room around and update my mood boards almost every week! I had a blast with all my free time having a major sort out of everything and making my room look beautiful and cosy for Autumn! Tell me if you want to see!


I spent day’s chopping things out of magazines, I made my very first wall hanging, I did some sewing. It was really nice to have the time to do some crafty things. It sounds awful but I hadn’t for a long time.


ahh, I read books, magazines, design books, blog posts, articles, newspapers. My heads a hive of information.

xxx F