Beauty things I love.

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I have collected and curated my favorite looks again and this time they are beauty looks! Yet again all these pictures are not mine, they are from Pinterest which I spend endless hours scrolling through! I hope you enjoy!

*ribbon *

I am loving hairstyles with a bow of velvet, silky, or colored ribbon tied in. I think it looks very cute and sometimes edgy if paired with a teased ponytail or messy bun.

*colourful eyeshadow*

I am in love with these bright and fun eyeshadow looks that are all over Pinterest! Solange has the best eyeshadow I have ever seen. I need to buy and try 🙂

* single dot nails *

I have tried and tested this look and it is incredibly easy and looks too cute! I can’t wait to experiment with different colors.

* glittery eyes*

Another eyeshadow look I cannot wait to try. Again it’s a little over the top but I’m only young once right! I think glitter and sparkles make eyes shine!

this was short and sweet, xxx Frankie


beauty blues!

hello lovelies!

hope life has been kind to you! i’m back with another beauty post! yay!


M A G // yen mag is one of my new fav’s! picked one up in whangamata and all the pages are filled with super cool people doing super cool things!

S H A M P O O & C O N D I T I O N E R // love all the eco store products so much! love anything natural and lovely! they leave my hair feeling gorgeous!

N A I L  . P O L I S H // this one is from rubi shoes and it is pretty much the only one i use! it was only like five bucks so super bonus! i love the soft blue colour as i am not a big fan of nail polish!

E Y E .M A K E U P .R E M O V E R //only used this once and it’s my mums and i only put it in cause it’s blue! it does get off waterproof mascara pretty well though!

L I P .B A L M // love the scent of this eos! it’s coconut and vanilla and it’s oh so sweet! it also leaves you lips feeling supah smooth!


T H E .H A I R . C A R E . I N . A L L .I T ‘ S . G L O R Y :


hope you enjoyed!

xxx frankie. b