Summery Things!

hello again lovelies!

summer is in full swing and i am super happy bout it! i went on a school camp for four days and it was very very hot. i got sunstroke and currently have tan lines in the shape of my sports bra, but it was pretty fun!

as it is now pool and beach season i thought i would share with you the bathers, clothes, beauty products, and accessories that i will be over using this summer! i have a newfound love affair with the bread and butter letter which is a vintage and nz made shop located on k-road.  in the space of a month i have picked up 3 things from there but you will have to wait till after christmas for the third as its a christmas present.

anywho, enjoy! oh and enjoy the weather too! xxx F


Untitled design (10)

pink and red stripy polo

how cute is this! its a vintage dunlop one which i nabbed from the bread and butter letter of course, my favorite vintage hotspot! i love how it’s a singlet so it’s not too hot and my shoulders can get some sun.

silver hoop earrings

i love the way hoop earrings look with my bob, not sure why i think it just looks cool! hoops are a great way to fancy up an outfit but if your planning on playing a spot of something sporty be careful cause there easy to get caught or pulled. ouch!


Untitled design (12)

straw hat 

this hat is my school hat and i have taken it daily to school for the last to weeks because i sit in a very sunny spot while eating lunch, and i realised that it’s kinda cute, practical and comfy. but im not suggesting to take your school hat to the beach but getting or putting on a straw hat is a pretty good idea.

rose lemonade

probably the most aesthetically pleasing drink i have ever sipped on. and honestly it’s amazing and im not generally a rose scented or fragranced fan. good stuff.


Untitled design (17)


the top is from cotton on body last year, it’s a nice classic cut and navy as always goes with almost everything. and the bottoms believe it or not where five bucks from kmart, score! they are a little bit more risque compared to the swimwear i normally wear but their gingham and i’m not gonna look like i do now forever!

sun jellies bag

i talk about this bag all the damn time, sorry, but it’s my pride and joy. louis vuitton who? nah just kidding, but these are waterproof so if it drops in the pool (empty) it will be all good! cute and practical, win win!


Untitled design (13)

dotty spotty dress

i picked up this cute dress for 10 dollars at the factory markets, its vintage and was a little big so i chopped the sleeves and i now tie them in little bows which makes it look even cuter. long flowy singlet dresses are must haves for me for summer.


i have never worn these out and i don’t think i have the confidence to. they were my mum’s when she was young and they look very cool. but wearing sunglasses is very important to protect your eyes and also prevent early eye wrinkles. yeah!


citrus is too damn delicious! this might be an odd thing to add but summer and fresh fruit go hand in hand so chuck a mandarin in your bag on the way to the beach.


Untitled design (11)

fjallraven kanken backpack

although these pags are tiny you would be surprised at the amount of things i have managed to squeeze into mine, i use it as a school bag so plenty of books! these are also great for day adventuring, walking to a waterhole or a short bush walk.

book & notebook

if your planning on sitting out getting a tan you might as well expand your mind. i have to read while tanning other wise i get bored so i always have a book handy while away in whangamata.


Untitled design (9)

kini top

this is a new purchase from cotton on body. i like the quite sporty cut of this one and the girly cute contrast with the frilly sleeves! pop on some navy bottoms and away you go!


Untitled design (8)


i like tying these on my bag straps, around my neck or in my hair. a very chic accessory and make ya feel like your in a 60’s movie.

mario badescu green tea facial spray

this is the sh*t! everyone raves about it for a good reason. it’s refreshing and revitalising, i took it to camp and it was so nice to spritz some on after i had too much sun or got a bit hot.

aesop shower gel

a nice scented shower gel is nice for summer in my opinion cause i personally think its more cooling than a bar of soap. the eco store do a coconut one which is a great one for summer scent wise. this aesop one is geranium which i normally hate but as always aesop make is beautiful.


Untitled design (6)

one piece bathers

i got these at a very cheap price from glassons last summer and i think im the only person that likes them and i’m not sure why. it’s pretty pink has a straight neck and the straps tie into cute bows, what’s not to love? fashion aye.


ahhhh i love that these beauties are back in season! i put them on my overnight oats, yogurt and just eat them by the punnet. i cannot wait to make our traditional strawberry cheesecake, christmas comfort food at it’s finest.


Untitled design (14)

cane basket

i got given this from my grandad filled with homegrown oranges which was very sweet. it’s now very useful for picnics and also quite on trend.

la croix in peach and pear

another aesthetically pleasing drink that tastes damn good! this one is lightly sparkling and lightly flavored, it’s a summer winner. perfect for a little beach afternoon picnic treat with a fwend.


what a lovely produce season summer is. avocados are perfect on and in almost everything. guacamole, salads, vogels, i could go on for a while… im sure everyone that is an avo lover has there own recipes to include these green things in.


Untitled design (16)

bucket hat

$10 sale sun protection is the best kinda sun protection. this has come on two tramps and a camp with me and i did’nt get burnt (on my face!) bucket hats in cutey prints for life!


Untitled design (7)

another spotty dotty dress

spots and singlet dresses seem to be a fav of mine! this is another pink vintage beauty from the bread and butter letter that i adore so very much. it’s kinda see through though which is a bit sad but pretty nonetheless.  looks cute with the hoops too.


Untitled design (18)

gorman bikini

on of my favorite brands is gorman although it’s a little over my price range when this one was on sale and was one of the only bikinis that actually fitted me well i splurged and nabbed it. atelier bingo who are the crafty duo behind the print produce some pretty groovy things!


if you got to here your a champ! xx




some things to cook!

Hello lovelies! it’s been a while but all my exams are done and I’m almost on end of year chill mode at school so I will have more time to do creative things! thank goodness!

I thought cause I love food and I have never met anyone that does not I would share a few of the things I have been baking and cooking lately that are darn good! I can’t wait for summer fruit, peaches roasted on a BBQ are quite tasty so I’m looking forward to that!

So enjoy! If you make any of these please do let me know! xxx Frankie!


My Weekend.

Untitled design (6)

Untitled design

Untitled design (10)

Untitled design (9)

Untitled design (7)


Hello lovelies! Three cheers for the long weekend aye!

I did so much and while I did it I took some photos! Saturday morning started with breakfast at Bambina on Ponsonby Road. I had oats with berries, yoghurt and pear, and oh my gosh it was great! I really love oats. Porridge with coconut is generally my everyday go to.  And I had a juice and read the new Australian Vogue, it was a good morning!

I went out for dinner during the week and I got to take my new pink plastic jelly bag out, it fits so much and is so cute – I got it from the fairy shop.

Around Ponsonby, there are some really cool houses, buildings, and this time cars! There was a pastel pink car and it was so cool!

Anyway, that was a weird little ramble, exams are coming up so I’ll try my hardest to keep creating cause I love doing it!  Anyway, thanks for reading!

xxx Frankie.


A guide to San Francisco


Hello again! It’s been a while, hasn’t it!

This is my first ever collaboration with another blogger, two in fact! Romey and Cade from They asked me some questions about Auckland and I asked them some about San Francisco. They also interviewed me about me, which is one of the newest posts on their website if you want to have a read!

Here is how they describe their blog: “Bonjour! We’re Romey and Cade, best friends who started a blog. Romey et Cade is a little French arrogance, a little English elegance, a tad of American cool, a lot of fun. The blog was established in 2016 on the principal of style. It’s to the point and totally chic. Enjoy. “

So here is their guide to the American city they call home, enjoy! xxx

What are your favourite things about the city-I adore the people, the food, and being able to drive over the Golden Gate bridge and be immediately surrounded by nature.What are your favourite things about the city-I adore the people, the food, and being able to drive over the Golden Gate bridge and be immediately surrounded by nature. (1)What are your favourite things about the city-I adore the people, the food, and being able to drive over the Golden Gate bridge and be immediately surrounded by nature. (4)What are your favourite things about the city-I adore the people, the food, and being able to drive over the Golden Gate bridge and be immediately surrounded by nature. (1)What are your favourite things about the city-I adore the people, the food, and being able to drive over the Golden Gate bridge and be immediately surrounded by nature. (3)What are your favourite things about the city-I adore the people, the food, and being able to drive over the Golden Gate bridge and be immediately surrounded by nature. (2)What are your favourite things about the city-I adore the people, the food, and being able to drive over the Golden Gate bridge and be immediately surrounded by nature. (2)

I Love Good Design.


and the lovely folk at lunch lady magazine do it oh so well!

I thought I would share some of my favorite pages from issue 5 & 6 with you. But I totally recommend you grab one for yourselves! They are filled with recipes, tips and tricks and articles that are very nice to read! and to look at.

If you want to see more of the design things I’m loving follow my Pinterest here

xxx frankie


an article by the beauty and love guru, Zoe Foster Blake.




cute little sauce bottles by Beci Orpin.




the peach and nectarine popsicles are the bomb.



loving lately!

hello my lovelies!

nice to see you! happy saturday, i absolutely LOVE the weekends! i have almost reached 300 followers on Instagram,  when i do i will host a little giveaway with some red-seal tea! stay tuned for that!

here a few things i have been loving!


flowers! especially this little bunch of wild flowers and herbs from my little garden!


my new copper wire storage box which was only $8 from the warehouse! bargain!


breakfast! i have been loving yummy muesli with yogurt and of course strawberries are back in season and i cannot get enough of them!


my new self arrangement! loving my new pale pink plate from the brand spanking new adairs at sylvia park!


collaging! i have been chopping things out of magazines  putting together little pages in my notebook! it is actually very therapeutic and it gets all the creative juices flowing!

what have you been loving?

xx frankie.b


blueberry smoothie!

hello again!

welcome to day three of my smoothie creations! we are going through all the types of berries! i started today with my wednesday paper run and it was actually really lovely to get out in the morning sun! i then made my smoothie and was ready to start my day! i hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as i did!

x x x x



what you will need:

. half a frozen banana

. half a cup of frozen blueberries

. a tablespoon of yogurt – i used mango (again)

. a splash of apple juice

. a blender

what to do:

. exactly the same as the last recipes!

. put everything in a blender, blitz and enjoy!


boysenberry smoothie!

hello lovelies!

sorry this post is a bit late! i went shopping straight after my morning walk and have been packing for wellington, which i am so excited for! i hope school has been kind to you if you had to go back yesterday, although nothing beats school holidays! hope you are all doing lovely things and enjoy my second smoothie recipe!

x x x   frankie!


what you will need:

. 1 cup of boysenberries – i used frozen

. 1 teaspoon of runny honey

. 3 tablespoons of yogurt – i used mango

. a blender!

what to do:

. it’s super easy, chuck everything in the blender, blitz and then enjoy!



strawberry smoothie!

hello lovelies!

welcome to my segment on smoothies! i am trying to create a different smoothie recipe each morning for brekkie! i thought i would share them with you! welcome to smoothie number one!

F xxx


what you will need to make a single serve smoothie:

01. 5 mint leaves

02. a cup of frozen strawberries

03. three tablespoons of yogurt – i used mango

04. a blender – i have a nutribullet

what you need to do:

01. put all the ingredients in your blender turn it on and then enjoy your smoothie!

that easy!



kale chippys’s

hello lovelies!

last week of school starts tomorrow! i am so excited!

this weekends been pretty chilled out so i have been doing all sorts! i made raspberry pikelets this morning, soooo good! and made kale chips in the afternoon! thought i would share the kale chip recipe as it’s too easy and we grow kale so it’s also a super cheap snack!

hope you enjoy, if you make them tell me in the comments how it went!

by the way i didn’t really follow a recipe i had a flick through lot’s of different one and created my own!

xx frankie!




kale – use as much as you please!

olive/ sesame oil – depends on what you have/ enjoy!

sea salt – again depends on how much you like!

garlic – if ya want!


materials you will need:

knife – for chopping dat kale!

chopping board – duh!

baking trays + baking paper

hair dryer – i will explain…



01: collect your kale, you can have as much as you desire!

02: rinse ya kale and chop into medium to small pieces,  try to get them roughly the same size.

03: the kale cannot be wet otherwise it will do soggy instead of crispy. I used a hair dryer to give my kale a bit of a blast! it’s up to you though!

04: place kale on baking paper/ tray. drizzle with oil.

05: sprinkle the salt and chopped garlic.

06: put them in the oven at 150 degrees celsius for 20 minutes/ crispy.

07: enjoy them, share them, munch them!



pic from: mind, body, green