my favourite looks from spring 2018 ready to wear .


Hello lovelies! it’s been a while but I’m back!

I only have two more days (!!!) left of school and I cannot wait for the holidays! I am going on a camp which I am so excited for! I love camps.  I am also looking forward to doing some sewing, reading and just catching up on everything.

If you follow the fashion calendar you would know that it is spring 2018 ready to wear time. This is one of my favorite times as clothes in spring are gorgeous! I have collated my favorite looks from designers I really love. I chose designers that make clothes that, if I caould afford it, I would actually buy and wear. I will admit I am a die-hard Gucci fan, and the classics like Chanel, Dior, Calvin Klein, are amazing I thought that the collections below suited my style more.

I hope you enjoy and have a lovely break. xxx Frankie.


Ulla Johnson – how gorgeous is that runway, aesthetic heaven!

Mansur Graviel – the bags, shoes and coats of dreams!

Juicy Couture – a classic with gorgeous colour use.


Bally – elegant, dressy and sophisticated.

See By Chloe – hippy, floaty, summer vibes.

Kate Spade – makes me want to host a tropical garden party!


House Of Holland – wavy coolness.

Mara Hoffman – organic, sustainable and very damn lovely!

Cynthia Rowley – silky party dresses, makes me want to go out, out!








my new mood board & update



hello again! long time no chit-chat aye!

I’m gonna start with a little update on the things I’ve been loving as of late! I have been so busy with school like everyone else in my age group so I can’t wait for them holidays!


The Tomorrow series by John Marsden. I’m on the sixth one which says that I am thoroughly enjoying this series. If you live in Ozzie or Kiwi land you will have a pretty good idea of the books I’m talking about!


I am loving the Rookie Podcast right now, it’s so good and so damn inspiring. Song wise I’m digging; the guardians of the galaxy soundtracks, Heard ‘Em say by Mr. Kanye West, Finesse (Hey Baby) by Flamingosis, Cool by Zac Villere, The Cool Kids by BVGER and Nana by Polo & pan. My Spotify is frankie..b so Y’all can see what I’m listening to!

 W A T C H I N G

Buzzfeed Unsolved… I’ve watched every single episode of all three series and of course the post-mortems.  I am very interested in crime and supernatural stories and if you are too give it a watch, it’s on YouTube!




This monstrosity of an Inspiration wall was what I spent a good 75% of my weekend making. I went through about 20 BuzzFeed Unsolved episodes while cutting all these out. This is above my desk and is jammed packed with my favorite images from Tumblr and Pinterest.

I am really into plants, shadows, pinks, yellows, and organic looking things. I like to incorporate quotes, images, and illustrations. If I could insert Publisher files I totally would so you could pick the ones that you love and stick them all over your walls. I’ll work on it!




thanks so much for reading

xx frankie.b



Fashion Things I Love & A Little Update

Hello, lovelies!

I am on school holidays! woo hoo! hopefully, that means some new content on this thing! I am totally going to enjoy this two-week break! I thought to go along with this post I will update you a little on me.

Watching: I have just finished 13 reasons why, and jeepers it’s good. It made me feel a lot of feelings.

reading: one flew over the cuckoo’s nest, I am enjoying this book but it has been a lttle hard to get into and understand, according to my english teacher is a year 12 book so that could explain it. I have also just finished Will Grayson, Will Grayson which was a nice light yet deep and humorous read.

Eating: easter eggs, obvs happy easter guys. And homemade fejoa sorbet with home grown fejoas.

Doing: tidying up and rearraging my room and listening to great tunes while doing so.

That’s all, for now, enjoy the fashiony stuff!

3. read morearticles, interviews, blog posts, books, fill the little head with info.

I spend quite a lot of time on Pinterest which means i have found so many fashion trends/ items that I adore. What you have just had a look at are my current favs!

*The straight along singlet*

Ok, so I know that this is probably not the correct term for this singlet style but it makes logical scense. I have pinned so many variations of this style and I love the different ways they can be made and worn.

*The cane bag*

I have a little cane obbsession going on at the moment, I got a cane peacock chair from my grandad which is gorgeous, it casts beautiful shadows and is perfect for reading in. He also gave me a cane basket that is the coolest shape. As you can tell this new cane bag trend floats my cane boat.


Ahhh, velvet, suede, leather, emballshments, bright colours, there are so many amazing pairs of mules. I’m not into heels yet, though they would make me taller, but i know my first pair will most deffinitaly be a very cool pair of, not too tall, mules.

*Head scarfs and neck ties*

I love all the gorgeous patterns and prints of scars and bandannas and I have had a lot of fun tying my collection on bag straps, around my neck and in my hair. I might share a little neck tie outfit soon if y’all are interested. but yes, I am quite liking this look.

Of corse, there are more things I am loving and to keep up with the never ending fasion loves go check out my pinterest or leave your username in the comments and I will follow you!

xxx frankie.b

lovely lady bosses

Segment 01: Hortense Rothery from droplet clothing!


I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Hortense about her sustainable self-run business droplet clothing! We talked about how she got it started, her plans for the future and her advice for young New Zealand creatives!

Lovely Lady bosses is all about sharing the stories of women that have become their own boss and created a lifestyle they love. I have created this segment to inspire young women and young creatives! I do hope you enjoy!

On her brand droplet clothing:

Droplet clothing is a company based on Hortense exploring her values as a designer and business owner, those values being money, sustainability and health. She started her business with $300 and sourced scrap materials to produce a sustainable product. She found it hard to calculate the cost of everything (leather, packaging, and shipping costs) so she has had to re-price her earrings to continue to grow her business and create more things! Sustainable and fair trade clothing and items have become quite cool and trendy as well as important so it’s a no-brainer for Hortense to produce her products this way! She created droplet for herself as working for big companies was stressful which did not suit her as a person. She wanted to be doing something that fitted her lifestyle and care for her mental health. She wanted to be her own boss and create a one of a kind independent sustainable business! She didn’t want to feel anxious and stressed anymore, she just wanted to be happy and successful!


What she loves most about what she does:

She loves that what she’s doing is for herself and she is so happy with all she has achieved with droplet so far! Also making connections, collaborating and talking to people and being able to prove that starting a business out of nothing is possible is something she loves!

 What inspires her:

Her friends, which she described as her supportive inspiring girl group. Her mum who is very creative and owns her own businesses too! Caitlin Stasey (actor) & Karley Sciortino (Writer for the blog ‘Slutever’) are other sources of inspiration to her!


Most rewarding moments as a designer:

Hortense was asked to talk to her old Otago Polytech class by one of her lectures and that made her really proud to share what she’s achieved with people that are in the same position as she was when she first started working in fashion. Starting something out of nothing has been amazing and she loves sharing what she’s doing with other people and proving it is possible! She loves involving others in her work as a sustainable product producer!

On her plans for 2017:

Hortense wants to start creating and selling clothing because that is her original aim for the business, she can’t wait to get back into it! She would love to host another pop-up store because she loves meeting customers and she would really like to work with and meet some more wellington creatives.


Her advice to young New Zealand creatives:

“Do whatever you want, don’t care what other people think”! Hortense thinks this is really important because at the end of the day you are doing what you are doing for yourself and you need to be happy and comfortable with what you are creating/ producing. She says to be your own person and don’t worry what others think though this can be hard with social media and putting yourself out there. She says enjoy all the experiences you have and remember you don’t always have to share them online!

A big thank you goes to Hortense for her time and lovely words! And to you for getting this far! Hope this has inspired you to make big plans and do what makes you happy!

You can follow droplet clothing on instagram here

You can purchase a pair of tassel earrings here

xx frankie!

denim & lace


top – Sandro Paris // denim skirt – glassons // shoes – number one shoe warehouse

hello lovelies!

well, it’s taken me a while to get a new post out to ya! sorry!  and it’s also taken me a long time to get the guts to so an outfit post, but here it is! *finally* hope all ya holidays have been lovely! sun and salt water have been what mine have consisted of and i would not have it any other way!

not sure what to say about the outfit auctually? the shoes were such a steal and i have been wearing the skirt no stop even though im not a big fan of skirts. i think it’s the denim!

anyway, hope y’all enjoyed!

xxx frankie


my christmas wish list!

hello lovelies!

welcome to blogmas day 2! yay!

i am so excited for christmas! we put up our christmas tree last night so now or house feels all christmasy! i have been constantly listening to christmas songs! my favorite is feliz navidad at the moment!

hope you are enjoying advent and happy friday!

F x


gorman socks // i love printed socks and i want to add a gorman pair to my collection!

bloom by estee lalonde // absolutely adore estee so her book is a must have for me!

palm peach clutch // eeekkk! peachy palmyness gorgeousness!

tigerlily bikini // i really need a new kini top and i have major heart eyes on this one!

black washi tape //  i think black washi tape looks better when your hanging prints!

2017 seed heritage dairy // this is super lovely and it’s also blush pink and gold so i love it!


shopping in wellington!

hello, lovelies!

I have found some more wellington photos to share! let’s go!

// M A T C H B O X


pins, patches, zines, art, and supah cute stationary, this was frankie heaven!


// L E T . L I V


loved everything in this shop! it was so dreamy!

// L O R E T T A


Oh, how I miss Loretta! the food was amazing, the decor was amazing, and the people were amazing!



oh how i loved small acorns! i actually miss it sooo much!

+ the end +

i hope you enjoyed! if you plan on going to wellington e-mail me at: and i can give you the locations of these places and many more places to go!

xxx f


what’s in my bag?

hello lovelies!

hope you all enjoyed the wellington haul! i definitely enjoyed shopping! to kind of link in with the haul i thought i would show you what i keep in my bag! this is the bag that i take shopping and going out pretty much!

hope your Saturday was super fun and enjoy Sunday!

xxx frankie.b!


M Y . B A G // it’s from rubi shoes and it has two detachable pockets! it does have a navy strap but i took it off for the photo! its very spacious and i also use it as a clutch!

T A S S E L L // also from rubi shoes, got it on the same day and thought it looked nice with the blue!


S O O T H E . T U B E // a spoilt myself and bought this from small acorns which is such a lovely shop! it smells super good and leaves your hands feeling hydrated! it’s also a cuticle cream which is an added bonus!

L I P . B A L M // this ones from lush and its honey and vanilla and smells delish!


W A L L E T // love this as it’s super cute! love the little crown! it’s by the brand donbook!


D I A R Y // this one is my last years kikki.k diary. i normally have a notebook or my dairy/ planner with me as i love to be organised!

P E N C I L // rifle paper co’s stationary makes me swoon! this pencil is by them and i picked it up in small acorns store!

P E N // got a very cute 3 pack of pens from kikki.k. i always have something to write/ draw with in my bag!


. T H E . E N D .


dress + clutch + shoes

987hello lovelies!

hope life is treating you well!

here is a little fashion post i put together. i thought all three outfits are perfect for spring/ summer, i am so excited for the hot weather to kick in! all these items are from shops in the cotton on group so they are all very reasonably priced which is always a good thing!

hope you enjoyed!

xx frankie!