my crib

hello lovelies!

no more holidays 😦 but i had the greatest six weeks off beach hopping, going to festival one and just chilling.  every time when i ask you what you want to see on here i get requests to show you where i sleep, create, and live! my style has changed a lot over the years and definitely since my last room tour i would describe it know as flea-market hipster, plant lover, so enjoy! xx


Untitled design (1)

my sleeping station!

so this is my place for dozing, netflix watching and it’s used to hold folded washing. the doona is from IKEA and you’ve probably seen it on many tumblr-meme accounts. the pink linen pillowcase and mustard yellow cushion are from citta, which i totally adore.  i have a rose lemonade bottle with dried eucalyptus cause i love the smell, a stack of books and a mood board made up of printed out pictures and vintage stamps. i also have a volkswagen VW sign of my mum and dads very old kombi van which they sadly left in London during their travels.


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my desk.

this is where i do homework, study, write blog posts, and create things if i have the patience and will power! i like to keep it bare (i know it’s boring sorry), i have a lot of storage in and beside my desk. this makes it easier to pull out school books, laptop, and make a mess when i need to. i have a few things stuck on the wall – vintage film photographs, sex wax air freshener, some plants, a glass with my favorite pens and a little tray with business cards, aesop samples and my moleskine.  i also have close by on the wall my frankie magazine calendar keeping me on top of stuff!


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my favorite area!

this chair is my all time favorite thing i can call mine. it’s gorgeous and from shanghai in the 70’s! here i read, think and sit if it all gets to much. i have crystals, dried plants, hand wash, my film camera and tea in this area so it’s like my chill and unwind station.  i don’t use this area all the time, i tend to save it for special days, like if im feeling like i need to chill, when i get a bit overwhelmed or when i feel like listening to worship music (god time!).


Untitled design


my chest of drawers.

this groovy retro piece holds all my undies, t-shirts, shorts and normally all my beauty products but i hid them for the photo cause they ain’t that pretty. the mirror is from kmart and i decorated with plants, and little wonders like a tea cup that was my great nana’s with a beeswax candle inside! this is the first area i use in the morning so i try to keep it tidy so i can start the day with a little bit of sanity!


hey you, i hope you liked this xx frankie!


i pray for the people you meet, may you offer them kindness and receive it in return. may you come across people that widen your mind and make you think. 


The things I loved in the Holidays.

sunday swooning1Hello, lovelies!

Happy Friday (for some of you)! Week one of Term two over and to be honest I have found it very tricky to get back into the swing of things.  For some unknown reason I haven’t been sleeping very well, I have only been getting about 5 hours each night. So school has well and truly taken a hold of me but I thought I would share and reminisce on the things I loved during the holidays!


As it was my birthday in April (there’s a post on that) I had some birthday spending money! I loved walking around the shops with my mum, brother, and friends without a time frame. I got some gorgeous clothes and knickknacks that I will share with yall soonish!


Auckland is a pretty big place and I think there is nothing better than being a tourist in your own city. I walked down Queens street,  Walked around Wynyard Quarter and checked out the World Masters games entertainment hub on Queen’s wharf, I went to Devonport, shopped at Britomart.  I had a fabulous time!


As I had more time in my day I put a little bit more time in the food I made and ate and also cooked some pretty good dinners. Eating out was pretty damn good too! 😉


As you may know, I change my room around and update my mood boards almost every week! I had a blast with all my free time having a major sort out of everything and making my room look beautiful and cosy for Autumn! Tell me if you want to see!


I spent day’s chopping things out of magazines, I made my very first wall hanging, I did some sewing. It was really nice to have the time to do some crafty things. It sounds awful but I hadn’t for a long time.


ahh, I read books, magazines, design books, blog posts, articles, newspapers. My heads a hive of information.

xxx F


paper notebooks!

hello lovelies!

i am back with another crafty project for you all! its been so nice to just relax and not worry about going to school! ah it’s blissful!

it’s day 2 and i have already made some crafty goodness! thought i would share this super simple lil project!

hope you enjoy!

F x x x


what you will need:

– printed paper for cover

– blank paper for inside pages

– needle & thread

– things to decorate the front

– scissors


what you need to do:

01. cut your printed paper to the size you want the notebook to be. remember you need to fold it in half!

02. now use the cover as a template for the inside pages. i just lay them on top of each other and cut around but you could measure them if you wish!

03. place all your blank pages inside the cover and fold them all in half together!

04. get your needle and thread and keeping your pages folded sew along the fold or what will become the spine!

05. now it’s time to personalise your notebook!stick stickers, glue pictures… go crazy!

06. and you done! enjoy your notebook!



patterned paper boxes!

hello lovelies!

happy september equinox – according to google?

I’m back again with another crafty post! this time it is patterned boxes! yay! tomorrow is my last school day until the holidays! i’m so looking forward to a break! if you want to know what i’m getting up to check out my previous post!

this is a super simple diy, i think easy projects are just nice to slip in while doing homework! i hope you enjoy!

F x x x


what you will need:

01. a box – mine is quite small but as long as you paper is bigger than the box your good to go!

02. printed/ patterned paper! – to cover the box with!

03. glue to stick the paper to the box!

04. anything else you want! – i’m talking stickers, pom-pom’s …



01. get the lid of your box and apply glue to the top.

02. press your patterned paper onto the glue and make sure there is room on all sides to cover the sides of your box.

03. now you pretty much wrap the lid with the rest of the paper like you would a pressie!

04. put some pretty things in the base of your box, place the now bedazzled lid on the base, and your done!


my finished box:



kale chippys’s

hello lovelies!

last week of school starts tomorrow! i am so excited!

this weekends been pretty chilled out so i have been doing all sorts! i made raspberry pikelets this morning, soooo good! and made kale chips in the afternoon! thought i would share the kale chip recipe as it’s too easy and we grow kale so it’s also a super cheap snack!

hope you enjoy, if you make them tell me in the comments how it went!

by the way i didn’t really follow a recipe i had a flick through lot’s of different one and created my own!

xx frankie!




kale – use as much as you please!

olive/ sesame oil – depends on what you have/ enjoy!

sea salt – again depends on how much you like!

garlic – if ya want!


materials you will need:

knife – for chopping dat kale!

chopping board – duh!

baking trays + baking paper

hair dryer – i will explain…



01: collect your kale, you can have as much as you desire!

02: rinse ya kale and chop into medium to small pieces,  try to get them roughly the same size.

03: the kale cannot be wet otherwise it will do soggy instead of crispy. I used a hair dryer to give my kale a bit of a blast! it’s up to you though!

04: place kale on baking paper/ tray. drizzle with oil.

05: sprinkle the salt and chopped garlic.

06: put them in the oven at 150 degrees celsius for 20 minutes/ crispy.

07: enjoy them, share them, munch them!



pic from: mind, body, green

raw strawberry cheesecake

hello lovelies!

welcome to my first foodie post! it will not be the last, i can assure you!

in new zealand we have a brand called little bird. they have 3 cafes/ bakeries in Auckland and also sell food products in places like farro (gourmet supermarket). All their food is vegan, raw and cooked below a certain temperature.  everything i have tried from little bird is to die for! everything is super healthy there, lot’s of nuts, fruits, grains and seeds are used!

so here is a recipe by little bird for a raw strawberry cheesecake! if you do try this recipe send me a photo! email:

anyway let’s go!



base //
3/4 cup dried coconut (or organic desiccated coconut)
1 1/4 cups brazil nuts or cashews
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 tsp. lemon zest
1/3 cup soft, pitted dates (medjool dates work well)
pinch of sea salt or himalayan crystal salt

white filling //
1 1/2 cups cashews (soaked in water for 2 hours and rinsed)
3/4 cup young coconut flesh from a drinking coconut (this can be replaced with cashews)
1 cup almond milk
3/4 cup extra virgin coconut oil, in liquid form
1/4 cup cacao butter, in liquid form (or replace with another 50g of coconut oil)
1/2 cup coconut sugar or organic maple syrup
1/4 tsp. vanilla bean seeds, scraped from pod
4 Tbsp. lemon juice
1/4 tsp. sea salt

pink filling //
2 1/2 cups fresh or frozen strawberries, thawed
1/4 cup coconut sugar or organic maple syrup
2 Tbsp. lemon juice
1/2 cup extra virgin coconut oil, in liquid form

toppings //
Freeze-dried raspberries or strawberries (optional)



base //
1. Line a 25cm cake tin with glad wrap; it needs no gaps around the sides.
2. Using  your food processor, blend coconut into a fine flour. Add nuts and pulse,Add the rest of the ingredients and pulse until the dough holds together when squeeze between your fingers.
3. Firmly press the mixture into the base of the cake tin. Set aside.

fillings //
1. Blend all ingredients for the white filling until smooth in a  blender). The consistency should be a little thicker than cream.  Pour half the mixture over the base.
2. Add all ingredients for pink filling to the remaining mix in the blender. Blend until smooth.
3. Pour into cake tin on top of the white filling and lightly fold in with a spatula. (Don’t over-mix as you want to create a swirling, two-tone effect.)
4. Refrigerate overnight, or freeze for 5 hours until set.
5. Remove cheesecake from the tin, take off glad wrap and transfer to a plate. Use a palate knife to smooth the outside of the cheesecake, then decorate with crushed freeze-dried raspberries or strawberries.

now enjoy!

this would be perfect on a hot summer’s day especially christmas day!

xx frankie!

my plants!

hello lovelies!

thought i would introduce you to my plants! i love having plants in my room. i think plants that are low maintenance are best as it doesn’t end well if you forget to water your plant!

plant number 01:

this is my newest and most favorite! i found this little moss/ grass thing and i thought it was too cute! i reused this jar from a candle and made a little terrarium! tell me if you want a tutorial on this!


plant 02:

i really love shaped planters! i got this swan one from shut the front door and i just love it! this was one of my first plants and it was about $4 so very affordable!


plant 03:

this is my tiniest plant! i made the little pot out of clay and got a succulent from the garden! super easy!


hope you liked this and if you are a blogger link your blog in the comments so i can read it! enjoy your weekend and have fun!

xx frankie!

scallop garland

hello lovelies!

just realised that craft is one of my favorite things but i have never shared a diy project with you! as you know from my last post i am slowing changing the style of my room so this is a little addition to it! it is a scallop garland! enjoy!


what you will need:

01: black paper, printed paper, fabric – anything you wish!

02: circle template – what ever size you wish!

03: scissors

04: glue

05: string or twine


step 01:

cut out as many circles as you want, the more circles the longer the garland!


step 02:

fold all the circles in half and glue one side.

step 03:

slide the circle over your string and separate them as far apart as you wish.


Step 04:

once all the circles are on the string your done!

it’s super easy!

hope you enjoyed and if you make this send me a photo at:

xx frankie!