an arty day out

hello lovelies! last week me and my brother ventured into the city to do some christmas shopping (which was very successful, and i’ve finished, yay!). it was a very long day, we went to lot’s of places  (queens street, britomart, vulcan lane, auckland art gallery, k-road) and used burger burger and $1 slushies as our fuel. because we went to the art gallery to visit the obliteration room i thought it would be fitting to include art from artists i love to accompany the photos from the day! all artists will be linked at the end! i hope your holidays have been ace so far! xxx Frankie!


Untitled design (24)

artist: megan monismith

Untitled design (21)

artist: india mahdavi

Untitled design (27)

artist: eveline tarunadjaja

Untitled design (25)

artist: annie mclaughlin

Untitled design (22)

artist: marimekko

Untitled design (26)

artist: ophelia pang

Untitled design (23)

artist: ophelia pang



buildings in auckland

douglas & bec three lamps2douglas & bec three lamps2 (1)

I’m on holiday! So more blog posts and a lot more fun and city exploring.

I live in Auckland and I spend a lot of time walking around central Auckland where the heritage buildings are amazing. Above are my favourite buildings that I have snapped on these adventures, that are always better with friends.

I love the colours, materials and stories behind buildings. If you are a building lover like myself, here is my guide to the buildings in Auckland.

  • For a mix of old and new, Britomart. Full of heritage buildings mixed with modern architecture. Filled with fairy lights and plants too. It has an awesome vibe.
  • For shops in cute buildings, Jervois Road and three lamps. Father Rabbit, Simon James Concept Store, Tessuti and Douglas and Bec are a few of my favourite shops that live in gorgeous heritage buildings.
  • For something a little different and some hidden jems, Vulcan Lane, O’Connell Street and all the other Queen Street side streets. There is a mix of cute and not so cute around Queen street but I think the side street buildings are lovely.
  • For some suburban cuteness, look no further than the long black heritage building that muck floral, jetsetbohemian, black box boutique and uno design reside in. It’s my favourite building. I even painted it for art.

Other places that deserve a mention are; Ponsonby Road,  The Viaduct, Auckland Museum and Art Gallery,  Three Lamps, Takapuna, the Mt Eden Market, New Market, and Orakei Basin Food Market.

I hope you enjoyed! If you have any more locations you love please let me know so I can visit them!

xxx frankie.b