my crib

hello lovelies!

no more holidays 😦 but i had the greatest six weeks off beach hopping, going to festival one and just chilling.  every time when i ask you what you want to see on here i get requests to show you where i sleep, create, and live! my style has changed a lot over the years and definitely since my last room tour i would describe it know as flea-market hipster, plant lover, so enjoy! xx


Untitled design (1)

my sleeping station!

so this is my place for dozing, netflix watching and it’s used to hold folded washing. the doona is from IKEA and you’ve probably seen it on many tumblr-meme accounts. the pink linen pillowcase and mustard yellow cushion are from citta, which i totally adore.  i have a rose lemonade bottle with dried eucalyptus cause i love the smell, a stack of books and a mood board made up of printed out pictures and vintage stamps. i also have a volkswagen VW sign of my mum and dads very old kombi van which they sadly left in London during their travels.


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my desk.

this is where i do homework, study, write blog posts, and create things if i have the patience and will power! i like to keep it bare (i know it’s boring sorry), i have a lot of storage in and beside my desk. this makes it easier to pull out school books, laptop, and make a mess when i need to. i have a few things stuck on the wall – vintage film photographs, sex wax air freshener, some plants, a glass with my favorite pens and a little tray with business cards, aesop samples and my moleskine.  i also have close by on the wall my frankie magazine calendar keeping me on top of stuff!


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my favorite area!

this chair is my all time favorite thing i can call mine. it’s gorgeous and from shanghai in the 70’s! here i read, think and sit if it all gets to much. i have crystals, dried plants, hand wash, my film camera and tea in this area so it’s like my chill and unwind station.  i don’t use this area all the time, i tend to save it for special days, like if im feeling like i need to chill, when i get a bit overwhelmed or when i feel like listening to worship music (god time!).


Untitled design


my chest of drawers.

this groovy retro piece holds all my undies, t-shirts, shorts and normally all my beauty products but i hid them for the photo cause they ain’t that pretty. the mirror is from kmart and i decorated with plants, and little wonders like a tea cup that was my great nana’s with a beeswax candle inside! this is the first area i use in the morning so i try to keep it tidy so i can start the day with a little bit of sanity!


hey you, i hope you liked this xx frankie!


i pray for the people you meet, may you offer them kindness and receive it in return. may you come across people that widen your mind and make you think. 


my new mood board & update



hello again! long time no chit-chat aye!

I’m gonna start with a little update on the things I’ve been loving as of late! I have been so busy with school like everyone else in my age group so I can’t wait for them holidays!


The Tomorrow series by John Marsden. I’m on the sixth one which says that I am thoroughly enjoying this series. If you live in Ozzie or Kiwi land you will have a pretty good idea of the books I’m talking about!


I am loving the Rookie Podcast right now, it’s so good and so damn inspiring. Song wise I’m digging; the guardians of the galaxy soundtracks, Heard ‘Em say by Mr. Kanye West, Finesse (Hey Baby) by Flamingosis, Cool by Zac Villere, The Cool Kids by BVGER and Nana by Polo & pan. My Spotify is frankie..b so Y’all can see what I’m listening to!

 W A T C H I N G

Buzzfeed Unsolved… I’ve watched every single episode of all three series and of course the post-mortems.  I am very interested in crime and supernatural stories and if you are too give it a watch, it’s on YouTube!




This monstrosity of an Inspiration wall was what I spent a good 75% of my weekend making. I went through about 20 BuzzFeed Unsolved episodes while cutting all these out. This is above my desk and is jammed packed with my favorite images from Tumblr and Pinterest.

I am really into plants, shadows, pinks, yellows, and organic looking things. I like to incorporate quotes, images, and illustrations. If I could insert Publisher files I totally would so you could pick the ones that you love and stick them all over your walls. I’ll work on it!




thanks so much for reading

xx frankie.b



room tour 03

hello lovelies!

as promised on instagram, here is part three of the room tour! this time it’s my book-shelf! when you look at my desk it’s to the right! – because you need to know that?

because it’s officially the first day of school holiday’s i should be posting quite regularly! (if im not binge re-watching stranger things (love that show)) tell me what your up to! i would love to know!

enjoy !

F xxx

image (12).jpeg



my desk!

hello lovelies!

room tour part 2! yas! also happy saturday!

as i said in my last room your post, my room forever changes! i add things, take-away things and mix everything around! makes my room more fun! my desk is my favorite part of my room! it’s were all my crafty projects are made, pen pal letters are written and also … we don’t need to talk about the h-word (homework).

hope you enjoy and please link your blogs in the comments so i can have a read!

xx frankie!


desk & chair // warehouse stationery

wire drawers // garage sale

owl pillow // typo

chair pad & white storage container // ikea

lamp // kmart

hanging planter & yellow canister // shut the front door

deer money box // seedling

images on wall // all over – pinterest, polaroids, frankie magazine …

garland & plant // see previous posts!






my bedroom!

hello lovelies!

it’s room tour time!

im going to do it bit by bit as parts of my room are a shambles and i have too much homework to find the time to un-shamble it! this tour is my bed and bedside table! i always change my doona, cushions and what i display on my bedside table so this is just what it looks like currently!

hope you enjoy!

xxx frankie!


rug on bed – long cushion – square cushion // ikea

white doona // household linens

pillowcases // cotton on kids room range

do what you love print // simply creative – collected

print with lots of words – be happy print //

copper wire lights // typo

scallop garland // diy – there’s a post on this!

2 prints above bedside table // from frankie magazine

bedside table // bed, bath and beyond

candle on beside // Karen walker

plant // see last post!