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hello again! long time no chit-chat aye!

I’m gonna start with a little update on the things I’ve been loving as of late! I have been so busy with school like everyone else in my age group so I can’t wait for them holidays!


The Tomorrow series by John Marsden. I’m on the sixth one which says that I am thoroughly enjoying this series. If you live in Ozzie or Kiwi land you will have a pretty good idea of the books I’m talking about!


I am loving the Rookie Podcast right now, it’s so good and so damn inspiring. Song wise I’m digging; the guardians of the galaxy soundtracks, Heard ‘Em say by Mr. Kanye West, Finesse (Hey Baby) by Flamingosis, Cool by Zac Villere, The Cool Kids by BVGER and Nana by Polo & pan. My Spotify is frankie..b so Y’all can see what I’m listening to!

 W A T C H I N G

Buzzfeed Unsolved… I’ve watched every single episode of all three series and of course the post-mortems.  I am very interested in crime and supernatural stories and if you are too give it a watch, it’s on YouTube!




This monstrosity of an Inspiration wall was what I spent a good 75% of my weekend making. I went through about 20 BuzzFeed Unsolved episodes while cutting all these out. This is above my desk and is jammed packed with my favorite images from Tumblr and Pinterest.

I am really into plants, shadows, pinks, yellows, and organic looking things. I like to incorporate quotes, images, and illustrations. If I could insert Publisher files I totally would so you could pick the ones that you love and stick them all over your walls. I’ll work on it!




thanks so much for reading

xx frankie.b




all put together 01

Untitled design (2).jpg

hello, my gorgeous readers! thanks for all the love!

happy Saturday! yay, weekend! I started my day with a little bit of laptop club! members being me and my laptop! I decided to pop this together as I felt like getting a little creative! I think I might try and do one every Saturday morning!

I have changed my room around/ moved all my furniture so updated room tours will hopefully be up soon, once it’s all styled and tidy!

I have exams in a couple weeks so I am silently freaking out over those. it feels like the only thing I am doing at the moment is studying and being confused about things I learned at the start of the year but need to know this year! hopefully, this blog will not be neglected!

talk to you soon!

xxx frankie.b


paper notebooks!

hello lovelies!

i am back with another crafty project for you all! its been so nice to just relax and not worry about going to school! ah it’s blissful!

it’s day 2 and i have already made some crafty goodness! thought i would share this super simple lil project!

hope you enjoy!

F x x x


what you will need:

– printed paper for cover

– blank paper for inside pages

– needle & thread

– things to decorate the front

– scissors


what you need to do:

01. cut your printed paper to the size you want the notebook to be. remember you need to fold it in half!

02. now use the cover as a template for the inside pages. i just lay them on top of each other and cut around but you could measure them if you wish!

03. place all your blank pages inside the cover and fold them all in half together!

04. get your needle and thread and keeping your pages folded sew along the fold or what will become the spine!

05. now it’s time to personalise your notebook!stick stickers, glue pictures… go crazy!

06. and you done! enjoy your notebook!



patterned paper boxes!

hello lovelies!

happy september equinox – according to google?

I’m back again with another crafty post! this time it is patterned boxes! yay! tomorrow is my last school day until the holidays! i’m so looking forward to a break! if you want to know what i’m getting up to check out my previous post!

this is a super simple diy, i think easy projects are just nice to slip in while doing homework! i hope you enjoy!

F x x x


what you will need:

01. a box – mine is quite small but as long as you paper is bigger than the box your good to go!

02. printed/ patterned paper! – to cover the box with!

03. glue to stick the paper to the box!

04. anything else you want! – i’m talking stickers, pom-pom’s …



01. get the lid of your box and apply glue to the top.

02. press your patterned paper onto the glue and make sure there is room on all sides to cover the sides of your box.

03. now you pretty much wrap the lid with the rest of the paper like you would a pressie!

04. put some pretty things in the base of your box, place the now bedazzled lid on the base, and your done!


my finished box:



scallop garland

hello lovelies!

just realised that craft is one of my favorite things but i have never shared a diy project with you! as you know from my last post i am slowing changing the style of my room so this is a little addition to it! it is a scallop garland! enjoy!


what you will need:

01: black paper, printed paper, fabric – anything you wish!

02: circle template – what ever size you wish!

03: scissors

04: glue

05: string or twine


step 01:

cut out as many circles as you want, the more circles the longer the garland!


step 02:

fold all the circles in half and glue one side.

step 03:

slide the circle over your string and separate them as far apart as you wish.


Step 04:

once all the circles are on the string your done!

it’s super easy!

hope you enjoyed and if you make this send me a photo at:

xx frankie!






hi! how are you?

i do hope your good! i have been wept of my feet from the business of what is known as term 3! statistical investigations, monologues and science projects all in the first week of term! i am currently neglecting my monologue to write this!

thought i would share with you some of my favorite stationary pieces! so hey ho let’s go!

stationarynumbered.PNG pegs! i love these! i think things that are bigger or smaller than their original size are amazing!

2.kikki.k notepaper! i love kikki.k and i have quite a bit of a collection. i highly recommend the notepaper though as i find it so handy to write little notes and messages on!

3.marimekko pencils! i got these from a good friend as a birthday present and they are the most beautiful pencils i have ever seen!

4.shaped rubbers! i got given some japanese food ones from a japanese student that stayed with my family! i love the cuteness of them but i cannot bring myself to actually use them! notebook! these are handy to take with you on the go to jot down any thoughts, ideas or events you see or think about!

6,washi tape! one of my favorite craft supplies! it can be quite expensive but i have managed to find some good deals! Kmart had packs of 4 washi taped for $4 and typo have a pack of 2 (pictured) for $3.

7.pens! i love kikki.k pens and also the stabilo point 88 fine-liners!

thankyou for reading and i hope you had a great weekend!

xxx frankie