beauty thing i love. take 2

it’s this again! where i share all the beauty related things i am loving or wanting! so let’s go! yasss!

interior things i love


ohhhh, there is a lot of stigma behind tat’s but i think they can be pretty cute! i want, and have wanted for a while a hand holding flowers on my upper left arm. i have a whole pinterest board of cute tattoos here and @almaproenca has some amazing ink!

red lips

i have the thinnest lips ever so red lipstick does not work for me but it makes any lady wearing it look classy and badass. the most i wear on my lips is lip balm and gloss cause all out colour kinda makes me shudder (hah rhyme) but on other people i think it looks the coolest.

nose rings

aye.. how rebelious is this beauty loves! i love the look of a thin hoop in a nose piercing. i’m not sure if i would never be game enough to get one though and there is the risk of it getting infected because my ear piercings are very prone to that.

paired back makeup

my personal view on makeup is that it’s there to enhance your natural features. im a major fan of mascara as the ends of my eyelashes are blonde so they become visible when i put mascara on. so for me makeup looks that look natural/ no makeup-makeup float my boat. how pretty are these ladies?


anyway im am trying to get my holiday photos presented nicely but it’s just not happening (im in a little rut) but i promise i will work through it and just do it (hah another rhyme).

okay, thanks for reading! lots a love, xxx frankie!


Beauty things I love.

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I have collected and curated my favorite looks again and this time they are beauty looks! Yet again all these pictures are not mine, they are from Pinterest which I spend endless hours scrolling through! I hope you enjoy!

*ribbon *

I am loving hairstyles with a bow of velvet, silky, or colored ribbon tied in. I think it looks very cute and sometimes edgy if paired with a teased ponytail or messy bun.

*colourful eyeshadow*

I am in love with these bright and fun eyeshadow looks that are all over Pinterest! Solange has the best eyeshadow I have ever seen. I need to buy and try 🙂

* single dot nails *

I have tried and tested this look and it is incredibly easy and looks too cute! I can’t wait to experiment with different colors.

* glittery eyes*

Another eyeshadow look I cannot wait to try. Again it’s a little over the top but I’m only young once right! I think glitter and sparkles make eyes shine!

this was short and sweet, xxx Frankie

new beauty bit’s


Over the holidays I added a few new things to my ever growing collection on beauty bits. There is nothing I like more than opening, trying and loving a product for the very first time. As you may know, the most makeup I wear is mascara and lip tint so the majority of my beauty cabinet is skincare/ body care items. I have been on Pinterest a lot lately and have been feeling inspired to try out some colorful eye shadow and to start painting my nails in the weekends. I believe that having a little routine for school day and weekends in terms of day and night skin care is really important. I love the feeling of a cleansed toned and moisturised face and try to do this every morning and night, but I get tired sometimes as everyone does and this doesn’t always happen.  I will share more about this later.


Now onto the products:

I spoilt myself with my birthday money and got a tube of the Aesop Rind Concentrate Body Balm. I love citrus scents so pink grapefruit,  mandarin rind, and lemon balm totally float my citrus smelling boat.  It’s everything a body/ hand cream should be, a little thick, not sticky, very nice to look at, and gorgeous to smell. Once it’s all gone I’ll buy another!

The other Aesop product was an instore gift as it was my birthday! It was actually so surreal when she gave me 2 mini bottles of product. The one pictured is the Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser. I’m not a fan of Geranium but as it has Mandarin the two scents blend really nicely and the scent actually stays on your body after washing which is a plus. The other little bottle I got given was the Rind Concentrate body balm like above and she said the two scents pair really nicely which I agree with. I think these are going to be great for traveling.

Third and final is the LUSH breath of fresh air toner. I love spray toners and toners in general and I have wanted this salty and fresh scented one for ages. I love it, its great, it does it job and very well too.  The only thing is when you spray it a lot come out so it’s easiest to spray it onto a cotton pad and wipe it on your face that way.

so these are my new things and I highly recommend you buy them too!

xxx frankie



Hello lovelies!

I popped into the brand spanking new Aesop in newmarket and oh me oh my it’s gorgeous! The shop’s fittings are inspired by the “kiwi way of life”. The sinks look like water troughs with industrial taps and pipes and the shelves are inspired by metal baking trays. You definitely need to pop in to take a look for yourself!

To go along with the gorgeous interiors are all their gorgeous products! I love how they are all plant based and heavenly scented. There are testers all over the shop to try while you browse which is really nice. The lovely lady in store talked to me about my skin and what she recommended! She sent my mum and me home with a brown paper bag filled with testers!

01.  Aesop Amazing Face Cleanser


I love citrus scents so not only is this cleanser gently foaming, cleansing and leaves you skin feeling fresh, it does so while smelling amazing! It is gentle and fresh and for my sensitive and slightly oily skin it is perfect and is definitely a product I want to purchase.

02. Aesop B & Tea Balancing toner


Most toners sting my skin but this one is so gentle but still removes the oil gross stuff from my skin. It’s really nice to use after the cleanser and the green tea smell goes really nicely with the mandarin scent of the cleanser. If you are looking for a new toner this one is worth a try.

03. Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion


the lady recommended this as she said it’s great as a moisturizer and a skin protector. it’s kind of like a leave on mask because it is a post-shave lotion it’s very gentle on your skin but still protects and moisturizes it. It has the normal texture and consistency of a regular moisturizer too!

04. Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream


Out of the two moisturisers, this was my favorite, mainly because of the scent though. I absolutely adored how this felt on my cleansed and toned face and citrus scents like I said before totally float my boat. I would very much like to buy this beauty as I think it was my fav!

Hopefully my tips and recommendations were jolly good and if so go buy yourself some Aesop products lovelies!

xxx frankie

the eco store .


hello my loves!

today I am going to share the organic goodness that is the eco store with you! my house is scattered with these products and I thought I would share my absolute favorites with you!

my family and I all have quite sensitive skin so eco stores plant-based products with no nasty chemicals is what makes them a favorite in our house! they are not only kind to your skin but to the planet too! and there not tested on animals so *cheer*!

the thing I love most about eco-friendly products is their scents! manuka honey, coconut and lemongrass to name a few! the scents smell real and inviting and I just love them!


product no.1 / /  lemongrass soap

this citrusy scented soap is very moisturizing and leaves your skin feeling cleansed and nourished! I love this one as it leaves the scent on your body for hours so you always smell fresh and clean! the packaging on the soaps is very cute it has this little design that’s drawn in black crayon! this actually appears on most of their products which I love!


product no.2 / / volumising shampoo

I have very fine hair so this gives my hair a shiny glow and makes my hair look really healthy! it’s has a floral scent which is very subtle and quite herby! for best use, I recommend using the shampoo and conditioner!


product no.3 / / coconut & vanilla body wash

I love the salty, beachy smell of this moisturizing wash! it makes me feel like I am in Hawaii or something! while cleansing the skin it protects it’s natural oils and makes it very soft!  this is the first time I have had used this and I am definitely going to rebuy it once I use it all!


product no.4 / / manuka honey & kelp soap

oh I was so excited when I opened the box! it’s green! the seaweed pieces cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin! it smells earthy and salty and I just can’t get enough of it!

You can visit the eco store here

Follow them on Instagram here


until next time! xxx frankie!


denim & lace


top – Sandro Paris // denim skirt – glassons // shoes – number one shoe warehouse

hello lovelies!

well, it’s taken me a while to get a new post out to ya! sorry!  and it’s also taken me a long time to get the guts to so an outfit post, but here it is! *finally* hope all ya holidays have been lovely! sun and salt water have been what mine have consisted of and i would not have it any other way!

not sure what to say about the outfit auctually? the shoes were such a steal and i have been wearing the skirt no stop even though im not a big fan of skirts. i think it’s the denim!

anyway, hope y’all enjoyed!

xxx frankie


beauty blues!

hello lovelies!

hope life has been kind to you! i’m back with another beauty post! yay!


M A G // yen mag is one of my new fav’s! picked one up in whangamata and all the pages are filled with super cool people doing super cool things!

S H A M P O O & C O N D I T I O N E R // love all the eco store products so much! love anything natural and lovely! they leave my hair feeling gorgeous!

N A I L  . P O L I S H // this one is from rubi shoes and it is pretty much the only one i use! it was only like five bucks so super bonus! i love the soft blue colour as i am not a big fan of nail polish!

E Y E .M A K E U P .R E M O V E R //only used this once and it’s my mums and i only put it in cause it’s blue! it does get off waterproof mascara pretty well though!

L I P .B A L M // love the scent of this eos! it’s coconut and vanilla and it’s oh so sweet! it also leaves you lips feeling supah smooth!


T H E .H A I R . C A R E . I N . A L L .I T ‘ S . G L O R Y :


hope you enjoyed!

xxx frankie. b