about me

heelo c

I’m Frankie and I live in central Auckland where the traffic is really bad, but the people watching is really good.

I’m fifteen and love good design and very pretty things. I aspire (fancy word) to be a retail or interior designer and something that requires making mood boards because I think I can make a pretty good mood board.

I love shopping, exploring, surfing, making, creating, listening, reading, eating. I don’t like public speaking, slow walkers, and fennel.

some of my favorites:

Music *Solange, Mura Masa, Wallows, The Smiths, KAYTRANDA, Frank Ocean, David Bowie.

Food *  Cumin seed gouda, soft and hard pretzels, raspberries, dark chocolate, dumplings.

Shops *  gorman, Let Liv, Aesop, huffer.

Colours * olive green, blush pink, grey, navy blue, mustard yellow, white.

so that’s me,  bye bye you!

x x x