beauty thing i love. take 2

it’s this again! where i share all the beauty related things i am loving or wanting! so let’s go! yasss!

interior things i love


ohhhh, there is a lot of stigma behind tat’s but i think they can be pretty cute! i want, and have wanted for a while a hand holding flowers on my upper left arm. i have a whole pinterest board of cute tattoos here and @almaproenca has some amazing ink!

red lips

i have the thinnest lips ever so red lipstick does not work for me but it makes any lady wearing it look classy and badass. the most i wear on my lips is lip balm and gloss cause all out colour kinda makes me shudder (hah rhyme) but on other people i think it looks the coolest.

nose rings

aye.. how rebelious is this beauty loves! i love the look of a thin hoop in a nose piercing. i’m not sure if i would never be game enough to get one though and there is the risk of it getting infected because my ear piercings are very prone to that.

paired back makeup

my personal view on makeup is that it’s there to enhance your natural features. im a major fan of mascara as the ends of my eyelashes are blonde so they become visible when i put mascara on. so for me makeup looks that look natural/ no makeup-makeup float my boat. how pretty are these ladies?


anyway im am trying to get my holiday photos presented nicely but it’s just not happening (im in a little rut) but i promise i will work through it and just do it (hah another rhyme).

okay, thanks for reading! lots a love, xxx frankie!


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