movie stylin’

hello ello ello! you can tell i’m on holiday can’t you! 

i watch quite a few movies, i really love them. movies from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s i personally love the most. i love the stories, the characters but mostly the fashion. so i have chosen four movies that i think have pretty cool vibes and the clothes to help you re-create the looks. now these four movies are not my top four but i will share all the movies i absolutely love and that are must-sees a little bit later!

enjoy! xx F



clueless is oh so very iconic. it follows the life of cher an amazingly dressed american sixteen year old. there is love, parties, life changes and most other things that you can find in a classic teen movie.


“clueless” trends: mini skirts, shirts, singlets over t-shirts, high socks,  checks & plaid, slip dresses, hair accessories.




well this one has WINONA RYDER! so it’s good. winona plays veronica who is “friends” with three girls all named heather. she meets dark and mysterious JD and they become partners in true crime. each of the four girls have a colour, the heathers are red, green and yellow and veronica wears mainly blue.


“heathers” trends: black (funeral attire) , button up shirts, blazers with shoulder pads, hair ribbons, simple cuts.

HEATHERS (1).png



there aren’t really any female appearances in this coming of age film but why can’t girls get style inspo from a gang of twelve year old boys? this is one of my all time favorite movies, it features some classic actors according to the date of it’s release, river phoenix to name one (one of the reasons i love this movie cause he’s so cute).


“stand by me” trends: stripy t-shirts, straight leg jeans, duffle bags, polo shirts, white t-shirts.



this visually stunning film is directed by sophia coppola who also wrote the screenplay which is based on the book written by jeffrey eugenides. the movie focuses on the lives of the five blonde headed lisbon sisters. the movie is a bit dark in an odd way, i won’t give away the ending but the title kinda gives a bit of a clue. the soundtrack is amazing as well as the whole aesthetic.


“the virgin suicides” trends: floaty dresses, floral prints, pastel, pink, school uniforms, singlets, pleated skirts.



thanks for reading! xx


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