the little things

more self love

hello lovelies!

it’s almost the end of term and i am tired. everything is due either before or after the holidays, it’s stressful.

on a chirpy note/ what’s this post is all about, i was spoilt with two lovely items last weekend and i have to say they have made my week. the first is that drop dead gorgeous rose from Cartier for flowers in newmarket. my mum used to work there for ages so we popped in to say “hi” to the ladies and they gifted me the blush pink beauty. there is something about flowers, they are just so lovely. very nice to photograph too!

it’s my 15th birthday on sunday which is pretty scary, half way to 30! but as an early birthday present from a friend, the aesop body cleansing slab became something i own. it smells gorgeous, think lime, ylang-ylang, and bergamot. there is something really special about owning a luxurious version of an everyday item. the product itself is huge so i cut a bit off to make it easier to use. it is creamy, soothing and just lovely.

these two items have made the daily grind a little special. i totally recommend buying yourself or gifting someone else a beautiful bloom and spoiling yourself with a luxury beauty item. or you could just take a little bit of time to clear your mind, make a cup of tea, read a book, go for a walk.

it’s the little things. xxx

xxx frankie


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