lovely lady bosses 02

this episode of lovely lady bosses is a little bit different. these women own big brands so they are a little too busy to be interviewed by me but i thought i would share them, their brands and their stories with you.

i created lovely lady bosses to inspire the future generation of ladies (me & maybe you) to go out in the big wide world and do what we love for ourselves and of course our love for it. if that makes sense. one day i want to be my own boss, with my own company doing my own thing while supporting others and the planet. this is important to me as i am a follower, i go with the flow and if i don’t end up in the NZ army (more on this at the end) i want to push myself out of my comfort zone by making myself a leader.

i think i am done explaining if you have any questions email me at, i would love to hear from you.

… glossier

Untitled design (2)

emily weiss, into the gloss beauty blogger, turned her passion for beauty into a company. a very lovely one at that. glossier focuses on skin first, makeup second. what i love about it is that the makeup they do create works on enhancing your natural beauty. lip tints, super serums, brow gels and cream blushes are only the start of the makeup on offer. their products have been raved about as well as their packaging and branding.

as beauty bloggers, emily and her team have tried pretty much every beauty product ever and from 2010 till late have been documenting the must haves, what their icons are using and what people have on their top shelves. they have built a beauty brand with the essentials and because it’s run by busy girls they know exactly what busy girls want. no fuss just fun.

… lonely lingerie

Untitled design (4)

this gorgeous new zealand brand was created by helene morris and she is one clever lady. all the collection campaigns feature an array of backgrounds and body types celebrating the diversity and loveliness that is the bra wearing female. the garments are beyond sweet with lace and pretty colours, they also make damn good threads and swimwear too.

i love scrolling through their lonely girls segment to see all the different ages, faces, and bodies of my fellow ladies. i adore the way lonely advocate body positivity. they work with some amazing photographers and their photos are whimsical and totally gorgeous.

take a look for yourself, i beg you do.

… widess

Untitled design (5)

this is one of my local shops, i love the homemade organic vibe the clothes and the shop has. their fabrics are gorgeous not only to look at but to fell and each garment is made with so much love. they sell things by other makers and creators and all their products are made upstairs. their humble dwelling is located in the heart of ponsonby and is a nice contrast to the commercial shenanigans going on around it. they stock pansy undies and soft cup bras which i know are a fav in the area as they are always sold out.

girl owned and operated of course and totally lovely – 5 stars 😉

and thats a wrap,

know lets talk about the NZ army. i went on a full on camp and on it i realised i have no phobias, i can handle heights, spiders, clowns, small spaces. i am yet to find my weakness. i am not calling myself fearless, though. i get scared. but i would say im strong, i bottle up my feelings and keep them to myself which i am totally fine with. i can follow instructions pretty well and i like being told what to do.i am thinking about an NZ army career.

i will finish school first and leave my options open. i still really want to be an interior designer, freelance artist, logo designer e.c.t… but i would also love to join the army. i’ll keep thinking about it and get back to you.

xxx frankie, ya little soilder girl.


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