magazines that i love


Hello! The weather is hot, staying outside for too long makes you sweaty, and the water is the nicest place to be. but because I cannot be in the water every day and every minute I have been inside reading a lot. The ladies at my local library are my new best friends, no joke.

here are the magazines that I love at the moment. I think you should read them and love them too!

teen vogue

I have recently got my hands and eyes on teen vogue! I have been issuing past issues at the library as I haven’t found any places in Auckland that sell them. I love all the fashion shoots and beauty ideas as they are always a bit kooky and original which makes them quite refreshing to idolize over. The articles are always pretty good. I love reading stories about inspiring young people as it totally motivates me!

paper boy

This small, free magazine comes out every Thursday in Auckland. It’s filled with events and ideas on what to do around Auckland. There are fashion segments and interviews and I really do look forward to Thursdays for an issue to pop into our letter box!


The very last issue of Yen has recently come out and I thought I would share my love for it. I only own two issues but have read numerous amounts of others at cafes and libraries. I loved the food, the photos, the people, the homes, the fashion, the crafts, the vibe, the everything!  I will miss you, Yen.

Lunch Lady

Oh my goodness, although I think this is targeted at parents with children, this is my new favorite magazine. Filled with recipes that not only look and taste bloody good but are presented in a graphic designers paradise. It’s glorious. The colors, the fonts, the shapes, the photos, all too damn good. Go get yourself a copy chickas!

I will love you and leave you so you can cuddle up and read or run to the store to buy yourself a lunch lady issue because you need too!

xxx frankie



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