lovely lady bosses

Segment 01: Hortense Rothery from droplet clothing!


I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Hortense about her sustainable self-run business droplet clothing! We talked about how she got it started, her plans for the future and her advice for young New Zealand creatives!

Lovely Lady bosses is all about sharing the stories of women that have become their own boss and created a lifestyle they love. I have created this segment to inspire young women and young creatives! I do hope you enjoy!

On her brand droplet clothing:

Droplet clothing is a company based on Hortense exploring her values as a designer and business owner, those values being money, sustainability and health. She started her business with $300 and sourced scrap materials to produce a sustainable product. She found it hard to calculate the cost of everything (leather, packaging, and shipping costs) so she has had to re-price her earrings to continue to grow her business and create more things! Sustainable and fair trade clothing and items have become quite cool and trendy as well as important so it’s a no-brainer for Hortense to produce her products this way! She created droplet for herself as working for big companies was stressful which did not suit her as a person. She wanted to be doing something that fitted her lifestyle and care for her mental health. She wanted to be her own boss and create a one of a kind independent sustainable business! She didn’t want to feel anxious and stressed anymore, she just wanted to be happy and successful!


What she loves most about what she does:

She loves that what she’s doing is for herself and she is so happy with all she has achieved with droplet so far! Also making connections, collaborating and talking to people and being able to prove that starting a business out of nothing is possible is something she loves!

 What inspires her:

Her friends, which she described as her supportive inspiring girl group. Her mum who is very creative and owns her own businesses too! Caitlin Stasey (actor) & Karley Sciortino (Writer for the blog ‘Slutever’) are other sources of inspiration to her!


Most rewarding moments as a designer:

Hortense was asked to talk to her old Otago Polytech class by one of her lectures and that made her really proud to share what she’s achieved with people that are in the same position as she was when she first started working in fashion. Starting something out of nothing has been amazing and she loves sharing what she’s doing with other people and proving it is possible! She loves involving others in her work as a sustainable product producer!

On her plans for 2017:

Hortense wants to start creating and selling clothing because that is her original aim for the business, she can’t wait to get back into it! She would love to host another pop-up store because she loves meeting customers and she would really like to work with and meet some more wellington creatives.


Her advice to young New Zealand creatives:

“Do whatever you want, don’t care what other people think”! Hortense thinks this is really important because at the end of the day you are doing what you are doing for yourself and you need to be happy and comfortable with what you are creating/ producing. She says to be your own person and don’t worry what others think though this can be hard with social media and putting yourself out there. She says enjoy all the experiences you have and remember you don’t always have to share them online!

A big thank you goes to Hortense for her time and lovely words! And to you for getting this far! Hope this has inspired you to make big plans and do what makes you happy!

You can follow droplet clothing on instagram here

You can purchase a pair of tassel earrings here

xx frankie!


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