beauty blues!

hello lovelies!

hope life has been kind to you! i’m back with another beauty post! yay!


M A G // yen mag is one of my new fav’s! picked one up in whangamata and all the pages are filled with super cool people doing super cool things!

S H A M P O O & C O N D I T I O N E R // love all the eco store products so much! love anything natural and lovely! they leave my hair feeling gorgeous!

N A I L  . P O L I S H // this one is from rubi shoes and it is pretty much the only one i use! it was only like five bucks so super bonus! i love the soft blue colour as i am not a big fan of nail polish!

E Y E .M A K E U P .R E M O V E R //only used this once and it’s my mums and i only put it in cause it’s blue! it does get off waterproof mascara pretty well though!

L I P .B A L M // love the scent of this eos! it’s coconut and vanilla and it’s oh so sweet! it also leaves you lips feeling supah smooth!


T H E .H A I R . C A R E . I N . A L L .I T ‘ S . G L O R Y :


hope you enjoyed!

xxx frankie. b



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