what’s in my bag?

hello lovelies!

hope you all enjoyed the wellington haul! i definitely enjoyed shopping! to kind of link in with the haul i thought i would show you what i keep in my bag! this is the bag that i take shopping and going out pretty much!

hope your Saturday was super fun and enjoy Sunday!

xxx frankie.b!


M Y . B A G // it’s from rubi shoes and it has two detachable pockets! it does have a navy strap but i took it off for the photo! its very spacious and i also use it as a clutch!

T A S S E L L // also from rubi shoes, got it on the same day and thought it looked nice with the blue!


S O O T H E . T U B E // a spoilt myself and bought this from small acorns which is such a lovely shop! it smells super good and leaves your hands feeling hydrated! it’s also a cuticle cream which is an added bonus!

L I P . B A L M // this ones from lush and its honey and vanilla and smells delish!


W A L L E T // love this as it’s super cute! love the little crown! it’s by the brand donbook!


D I A R Y // this one is my last years kikki.k diary. i normally have a notebook or my dairy/ planner with me as i love to be organised!

P E N C I L // rifle paper co’s stationary makes me swoon! this pencil is by them and i picked it up in small acorns store!

P E N // got a very cute 3 pack of pens from kikki.k. i always have something to write/ draw with in my bag!


. T H E . E N D .



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