patterned paper boxes!

hello lovelies!

happy september equinox – according to google?

I’m back again with another crafty post! this time it is patterned boxes! yay! tomorrow is my last school day until the holidays! i’m so looking forward to a break! if you want to know what i’m getting up to check out my previous post!

this is a super simple diy, i think easy projects are just nice to slip in while doing homework! i hope you enjoy!

F x x x


what you will need:

01. a box – mine is quite small but as long as you paper is bigger than the box your good to go!

02. printed/ patterned paper! – to cover the box with!

03. glue to stick the paper to the box!

04. anything else you want! – i’m talking stickers, pom-pom’s …



01. get the lid of your box and apply glue to the top.

02. press your patterned paper onto the glue and make sure there is room on all sides to cover the sides of your box.

03. now you pretty much wrap the lid with the rest of the paper like you would a pressie!

04. put some pretty things in the base of your box, place the now bedazzled lid on the base, and your done!


my finished box:




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