september wish-list!

hello lovelies! i seem to be posting everyday!

i am finding small pockets of time to write these but i really should be doing school stuff! opps!

anyway … this is my wish list for september but it’s also a bit of a pre-christmas wish-list.

also thanks to all the new readers! i have had 102 views on my blog so far and it’s got me super excited!

xx frankie!


jeans // mom jeans from glassons – i have these and they are super comfortable i have no idea why my jean collection has just been skinny jeans as these are far more “fun” to wear!

sandals // free by cotton on ย – i love these birkenstock style sandals but i only buy the copies as the real ones are quite expensive and i will probably invest in a pair when im a bit older!

mist toner // lush – really want one of these! they would just be so easy, and so nice for summer! the lush ones have all natural ingredients which hopefully will agree with my sensitive skin!

rookie yearbook // i really like the rookie website and everything is better on paper so as you can tell i would really like a copy!

bear paw bikini // cupshe – not sure how trustworthy cupshe is but this bikini is my fav that i have seen in my internet browsing and it has had some pretty good reviews!

2017 diary// kikki.k – i normally get the cute diary’s but i thought a change would be nice for the new year! i like the simple colours (black.white.aqua) of kikki.k’s pause collection and i think i could add washi tape and stickers to make it more colourful!

thanks for reading!



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