what’s going on?

hello lovelies!

thought i would update you on what i’m doing/ what’s going on in my life right now!

let’s just get started!



this week is the last of term 3, which means the holiday’s are so close. i am going on a beach holiday at whangamata so brace yourselves for a mass of beachy photos. i am also going to wellington for the world of wearable art’s so there will be a blog post on that too! for me school is something i enjoy but i prefer staying at home. i am a homebody and school is just a mass of rushing people and assessments so this 2 weeks off is going to be bliss! although i do have holiday homework – damn!

also be prepared for a spam of craftyness!


what am i doing?

what’s floating my boat?

well … those are easy questions!

my mumma (hello mum xx) pulled out her old electric typewriter and i have to say i freaked out a little bit at it’s clunky electronicness (that’s not a word)! it’s superb! i have been typing out a lil journal where i just type out a lil bit of each day to look back on!

here’s an example of what might go on my page a day:



i have also been typing out some recipes that i have created/ adapted so i can look back on my own versions! as i have an egg allergy i changed a pikelet recipe to be egg free and it worked! here they are: tell me if you want the recipe!


i have been looking super cool recently (not), i jumped on board the mom jean train and i am never getting off – bye skinny jeans you ain’t comfy enough! i have been tucking my top in them which looks kinda cool/ super weird depends what you think!


also i have quite a collection of patches now thanks to $2 set’s from rubi shoes! i love a good bargain – but who doesn’t!


i think that’s all i wanted to say ..

not quite sure but anyway! i will be back soon with a september playlist for you all!

xx frankie!


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