kale chippys’s

hello lovelies!

last week of school starts tomorrow! i am so excited!

this weekends been pretty chilled out so i have been doing all sorts! i made raspberry pikelets this morning, soooo good! and made kale chips in the afternoon! thought i would share the kale chip recipe as it’s too easy and we grow kale so it’s also a super cheap snack!

hope you enjoy, if you make them tell me in the comments how it went!

by the way i didn’t really follow a recipe i had a flick through lot’s of different one and created my own!

xx frankie!




kale – use as much as you please!

olive/ sesame oil – depends on what you have/ enjoy!

sea salt – again depends on how much you like!

garlic – if ya want!


materials you will need:

knife – for chopping dat kale!

chopping board – duh!

baking trays + baking paper

hair dryer – i will explain…



01: collect your kale, you can have as much as you desire!

02: rinse ya kale and chop into medium to small pieces, ย try to get them roughly the same size.

03: the kale cannot be wet otherwise it will do soggy instead of crispy. I used a hair dryer to give my kale a bit of a blast! it’s up to you though!

04: place kale on baking paper/ tray. drizzle with oil.

05: sprinkle the salt and chopped garlic.

06: put them in the oven at 150 degrees celsius for 20 minutes/ crispy.

07: enjoy them, share them, munch them!



pic from: mind, body, green


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