my desk!

hello lovelies!

room tour part 2! yas! also happy saturday!

as i said in my last room your post, my room forever changes! i add things, take-away things and mix everything around! makes my room more fun! my desk is my favorite part of my room! it’s were all my crafty projects are made, pen pal letters are written and also … we don’t need to talk about the h-word (homework).

hope you enjoy and please link your blogs in the comments so i can have a read!

xx frankie!


desk & chair // warehouse stationery

wire drawers // garage sale

owl pillow // typo

chair pad & white storage container // ikea

lamp // kmart

hanging planter & yellow canister // shut the front door

deer money box // seedling

images on wall // all over – pinterest, polaroids, frankie magazine …

garland & plant // see previous posts!







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