my plants!

hello lovelies!

thought i would introduce you to my plants! i love having plants in my room. i think plants that are low maintenance are best as it doesn’t end well if you forget to water your plant!

plant number 01:

this is my newest and most favorite! i found this little moss/ grass thing and i thought it was too cute! i reused this jar from a candle and made a little terrarium! tell me if you want a tutorial on this!


plant 02:

i really love shaped planters! i got this swan one from shut the front door and i just love it! this was one of my first plants and it was about $4 so very affordable!


plant 03:

this is my tiniest plant! i made the little pot out of clay and got a succulent from the garden! super easy!


hope you liked this and if you are a blogger link your blog in the comments so i can read it! enjoy your weekend and have fun!

xx frankie!


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