paper storage bags!

hello lovelies! i am back with another crafty project! im so glad you liked the scallop garland! today i am showing you how to make paper storage bags! buying these in the shops can be quite expensive but this diy is close to costing nothing!

i hope you enjoy! this one it is one of my favourite things that i have made!

xxx frankie!



what you will need:

. paper bags – i used one from fatimas (takeaway bar) and a brown paper bag from a shop.

. scissors

. paint, stamps & ink, washi tape or anything you want to decorate your bags!

step 01:

get your bag and cut off any handles and if they are very long trim them a little.

step 02:

decorate your bag! paint a design, draw something on it, you choose!

step 03:

roll the paper bag down starting at the top. be careful as the paper bag can rip! stop at the required length.

step 04:

admire your finished product! its that easy!



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