lately …

hello all! hope you like the changes to the blog! thought a little update was needed!

currently my style is changing. i have gone from bright colour freak and am trying to modernise my room and make it more calming, clutter-less and more 14-year-old like!

i am planning to do a room tour once this has been done! i have been super busy with school so my room has been neglected 😦 there is clutter, half-finished craft projects and physical education (pe) bags the list goes on …

i thought as my style is forever changing i would document it. it will become a little series i think! monthly would be lovely!

so here’s to september!


so this is my current bedroom love! i have moved my room around and it’s in the same posse as this bed. I have a window that’s in the same place as the one in this picture. I really like the blue & grey but im not quite sure on a colour theme for my room. tell me what you think!


as it’s spring i am planning for summer! cannot wait! i thought i might invest in a tigerlilly bikini! i love their patterns and styles! if any of you guys have brought anything from cupshe please tell me your experience as they have some really nice bikini styles and prints but not quite sure how trustworthy the website is?


okay – let’s get started with the “this month” segment!




v.3005 – childish gambino

frogs – charles murdoch & ta-ku

catch & release – matt simons



by tallulah fontaine

craft project:



so … that’s all for now! these images are from pinterest! mine – enjoy september! have fun and enjoy the sun!

frankie x x x



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