b o o k s

hello all!

thought that today I would share with you some of my favorite & newest book! i am a big book nerd! i love reading and it is my form of relaxation! the books im sharing with you are a mix of genres and i hope at least one will appeal to you!

enjoy your weekend – i know i will!

xxx frankie!

book 01:

image (1)_edited

[ t h e    p e r k s    o f    b e i n g    a    w a l l f l o w e r ]

this book is about a boy named charlie. his best friend killed himself and he is moving on to high school without him. he is shy and has trouble making friends. then he meets patrick …

i love how this book is written in letters that charlie has written to an unknown person! it is kind of like reading a diary. it is also a movie that was created by the author so all the casting is perfect!


book 02:

image (2)_edited

[ b e    f r a n k    w i t h     m e]

an eccentric 9-year-old boy who loves everything about old movies is being looked after while his mum writes a book. his first book written a very long time ago is a classic and she is writing a second to get out of financial difficulty.his caregiver was assigned to make sure that she finished the book. she also has to keep and eye on frank …

frank is very much stuck in the world of old movies and misunderstandings! he cannot understand sarcasm and does not leave the house with out a full suit, top hat and all! i have to say that frank is the light in this other wise quite dreary book! i would recommend reading it after something full on!


book 03:

image (3)_edited

[ n o t    i f    i    s e e    y o u    f i r s t ]

parker is blind but determined, she goes for runs by herself to most people disbelief, and wants to run track at school. she is living without her mum and has forgotten what she looks like but aside from here setbacks she is happy, untill someone unwanted arrives …

this book is a nice light read, a little romantic but very sweet! i have to say the cover is what made me buy it but i will definitely read it again! it would be a great holiday read!

book 04:

image (4)_edited

[ r u b y   r e d f o r t  s e r i e s   b y   l a u r e n    c h i l d ]

i have the (insert the word for opposite of paper back here) copies of 2 of the ruby redfort books and was so surprised to see a fly printed on both when you take of the paper cover! i actually keep the paper cover off them now!

about the actual text, lauren child’s charlie and lola picture books were my favorite when i was little and when i was about 7-9 her clarice bean books were also my favorite! so there is amazement that these are also a favorite. there are 4 books in the series so far and i have not yet read the 4th but the other 3 are all very good!

ruby redfort is a spy at only 14 and her witty and sarcastic nature makes her easy to love! she goes on missions normally with her undercover butler hitch but sometimes tries to crack the case with no ones help!

they are nice easy reads and can get quite gripping!

book 05:

image (5)_edited

[ t h e   b o o k   t h i e f ]

a book narrated by death; lesil memminger lost her brother on a train and got left at heaven street with rosa and hans huberman as her new parents. she meets rudi and together they steal food and fruit but when she is by herself she steals books!

this is my absolute favorite book + movie! it is set in ww2 and sparked my love for ww2 stories! this is a must read + a must watch!

book 06: the last


i wont tell you anything about the plot as i don’t want to spoil it!

this is my newest book! it was a surprise present and i was so excited to read this. it took me 3 hours! i am a potterhead so this book was always going to be very loved!  oh how i want to go to hogwarts!

[ f i n ]




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