hi! how are you?

i do hope your good! i have been wept of my feet from the business of what is known as term 3! statistical investigations, monologues and science projects all in the first week of term! i am currently neglecting my monologue to write this!

thought i would share with you some of my favorite stationary pieces! so hey ho let’s go!


1.mini pegs! i love these! i think things that are bigger or smaller than their original size are amazing!

2.kikki.k notepaper! i love kikki.k and i have quite a bit of a collection. i highly recommend the notepaper though as i find it so handy to write little notes and messages on!

3.marimekko pencils! i got these from a good friend as a birthday present and they are the most beautiful pencils i have ever seen!

4.shaped rubbers! i got given some japanese food ones from a japanese student that stayed with my family! i love the cuteness of them but i cannot bring myself to actually use them!

5.mini notebook! these are handy to take with you on the go to jot down any thoughts, ideas or events you see or think about!

6,washi tape! one of my favorite craft supplies! it can be quite expensive but i have managed to find some good deals! Kmart had packs of 4 washi taped for $4 and typo have a pack of 2 (pictured) for $3.

7.pens! i love kikki.k pens and also the stabilo point 88 fine-liners!

thankyou for reading and i hope you had a great weekend!

xxx frankie


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