places to go …

people too see !

hello again! i hope you are well!

i go back to school tomorrow wich i am both sad and excited about. the holidays have been great! doing nothing and not having to feel guilty about it is something i rather enjoy! i have not left auckland these holidays but i have been daydreaming of all the places i would like to venture to when i have finished school.

i thought i would share some of them …

enjoy! xxx


santorini + i have always admired greece, all those blues and whites. santorini looks so calming and relaxing.

melbourne + i have been to australia before and i love it! i have a friend that lives in melbourne so i hope to travel here sooner rather than later!

hawaii + everything that i love is in hawaii! surf beaches, pineapples, snorkelling …

amsterdam + this is my top place to go! not quite sure why but the culture and buildings really make me get oh so excited!


bye bye!



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