in my …

hello! welcome to f r a n k i e . b!

its nice to have you! welcome to in my … beauty bag! didn’t know quite what to call this as it would normally be called a makeup bag but i don’t wear makeup so it would kind of defeat the purpose! anyway here it is!

enjoy xxx


01 – lush honey trap lip balm + love this lip balm, it is all natural, smells very good and feels very nice on!

02 – typo pencil-case + these are a very all round product, you can use them for almost anything!

03 – Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream + this is great for taking away as it has so many uses. it is antibacterial so i put it on any spots i might have before i go to bed. it looks very nice on your lips too!

04 – rubi shoes sea-foam nail polish + i am not a big fan of having painted nails and if they are painted i prefer subtle colours. this is a nice light aqua and is great for summer and winter!

05 – ecostore grapefruit and mint soap + i love anything by ecostore and all their scents i oh so lovely. this grapefruit and mint soap is my favorite!

06 – ama balm for biting bugs + ย this repels bugs but also sooves your pesky bug bites!


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