this years design and photography work

it’s the time of the year where every art student is stressing cause all your years work is due on boards for you to keep looking at and over analysing hehe.

i took two arty subjects this year, design and photography. after lots of full scratch disks, corrupt files, and over thinking, my two boards are done and off to the printers which is kinda exciting.

thought i would share what i’ve done, as they are kinda the only art projects i’ve been doing so this space has been super neglected cause i have just had no timeee. i would love to see yours too so if you want send me an email 😉 at

i’ve learnt so much about photoshop woah, and although i’m not fully happy with these cause i got a bit pushed for time i discovered lots of cool techniques and will be more prepared for next year to do it again even better. so lemme know what you think xox

art design

my brief for this was to create a logo, record cover, pop up, and posters for a band of my creation. my band is called the kewpies and it’s an alternative pop group. lots of colour of course and i got a bit stumped as i didn’t quite know how to go about it but i think it looks nice all together.


my brief for this was to show change and transformation through photography. my subtopic was memories and how they change and transform with time, starting with still life and introducing a model with objects that trigger memories then how technology has changed so we can digitally store our memories i guess. liked playing with collage and double exposure.

thanks for looking, so kind of you 😉

xox frankie

blobs of 35mm film

georgia with the lily pads and hazy flowers

domain winter gardens

double exposure love and me on grafton bridge

georgia outside the wintergardens on a sunny winter day

cute couple and colours at mangawhai and jess with igor !!

me and jess in funky fits and cute sunnies 😉

me squinting in the sun and the albert park fountain

pretty georgia with pretty blooms

out of focus foliage and me happy in the sun

haha more flowers cause you know i love them

these photos were taken on three different film cameras but all with 35mm film 🙂 these were taken at the start of winter but we are pretty blessed in new zealand cause it still looks like summer and if the weather is good it feels like it too. i think film really works well during this time as it captures the sun, colors and tones really well. big love to everyone in these pics and if you wanna hanout and take photos with me one day let me know cause i would love that!

i am loving having time to be more creative and to take photos and have to come up with new ways to edit and share them. i also love having this little platform where i can collate my art and watch my ideas grow and change over the years. three years and counting now so thanks for the continued support, love, and encouragement. means the whole world xox frankieeee

flower haven

ohh i had the pleasure of hanging out at greenpoint florists in grey lynn for the day and me oh my it’s the coolest. these are a mix of 35mm film and digital photography and in my opinion the film really captured the moody hues of the shops aesthetic perfectlyyyyy. but like flowers, crystals, mary, a puppy, velvet couches, neon lights? what more could ya need?

big love and a thank you to georgie the owner for letting me hang out, chat and for teaching me so much! both technical things and life advice cause thinking about what you want to do after you leave school is scary stuff so in my opinion get as much help as you can and chat to heaps of people in the fields your interested in. and also for just rocking who you are, wear whatever you want and just be you even if that freaks you out.

anyway i have lot’s more photos to share and to come, more film yay and some cute wellington photos, so hope you love these ones and are doing so good!

fanks for reading and looking xox frankieeee

film and fits !!

heyyyyy xox

i have photoshop and slowly my skills are developing as i just give everything a go and see what happens lol. but i’m on it all the time and it’s just the raddest thing.

i have a film camera that’s about 70 years old and its very hit or miss but captures the best colours and tones even if most of them are out of focus. so i decided to get my most recent roll of film and overlapped some cute doodles on top. the doodles are from cute fit pics i found on pinterest, you can follow me @frankiebradfordblog

but i hope you like em xox f


sweet words and nice imagessss

hello lovely folk 🙂

i just got photoshop and i am a bit obsessed so here are some late night creations !! i searched my files for some recent pictures i have taken and love and mixed them with cute saying’s and an even cuter font in an array of pretty colours.

hope you love em, save them, share them, set them as your lock screen? aye it’s up to you i don’t mind hehe.

here’s to more photoshop creations and hopefully that ethical fashion post i always talk about.

lots of lurve, frankie.b


here is a lil green moodboard !

every month to change things up and keep it a bit fun i change my colour theme on pinterest. i do this by making a new logo in my chosen colour and making all the board covers that same. this month as you my have guessed is green and as i’m digging it right now! these tones are more of a pastel and olive green which kinda remind me of summer which i’m gonna miss so much 🙂

you can check out more green goodness here:

hoping to just post more cute random short things as it means i will create more stuff ! lot’s a love xox frankie.b

new film photos :)

heyo !!

it’s been a quick minute since my last film sharing post but iv’e slightly upgraded my gear since my first try with disposable film. i brought a simple point and shoot battery operated camera from crushes on k-road and have inherited a very old canon ql-17 film camera. all photos were shot using kodak 35mm colour film and i have lot’s to learn of course but these are pretty special to me.

i hope you love have a cheeky peak and i’m free for you to ask all the questions! xoxo frankieeeee . b

movies i adore – in zine form !

hello, it’s been a lil while but i’m very chuffed with this post so i hope you enjoy! i made a lil zine with a few of my favorite movies, i watch heaps of movies and wanted to find a cute way to share some of the best out there with you. on each page there is a little blurb, a quote from the movie, a few staring actors, the genre, director and a rating from me.

i hope you love it and at the bottom there is a full scan of the original and instructions with how to print it off and make you own.

all the love xox frankie

so here are all the images so you can have a look online. but if you want you own copy, cause that’s a little more fun 😉 below is the huge image of them all so you can print it out and make you own copy.

to print it out successfully, save the image to you own device, works best on a laptop, and then go to pint the image. pick a3 paper as my writing is already tiny as it is so it may be had to read on anything smaller. and yes the other side should be upside down. once you print it out fold it horizontally in half and make a cut from the virgin suicides to dazed and confused, there is a subtle scanned line so follow that if you can see it. next step is to fold it in half horizontally and then again, so pretty much the folds should line up with the rectangle of each movie. and you should have eight rectangles made with the folds. now if the next bit is a bit tricky to understand through me writing it out, search how to fold a zine on you tube to follow along with a video. but basically you are pushing the two rectangles on either side of the middle ones with the cute into each other so they fit between the cuts. fold it all towards each other, it should be forming a little booklet. the last page will be sticking out so pull it to the right and it will become the back page.

send me an email at – if you have any problems, want it in pdf form or want me to send you a copy by mail, cause i am more than happy to 🙂

yay ! have fun creating it and hope you enjoy xox

the things i did and learnt in twenty eighteen.

🎐 snorkelled over a stingray that gave me a fright because i didn’t see it

🎐 found the two yummiest coconut milks because i became lactose intolerant

🎐 got burnt and peeled so many times which is very bad

🎐 found the wonders that is kombucha and la croix

🎐 had a monarch butterfly sit on my shoulder when i was wearing my too expensive bikini top, but worth every cent cause its cute and gingham and from lonely, it was a nice moment

🎐 got mild acne, fun!

🎐 painted my nails buttercup yellow and lilac

🎐 went to a beach by myself and did lots of reading and thinking, alone time is actually very beneficial for my wellbeing

🎐 brought home grown dahlias for $2 and they made me so happy

🎐 swapped shoelaces for ribbon

🎐 went to my first festival and had so much fun that i got sunstroke and had to stay in bed for the next three days, but had the time of my life

🎐 had two blood tests and didn’t pass out

🎐 made a faux picnic for my school art board, spent lots of time staring at my art and hating it and loving it at the same time

🎐found the joy of facebook messenger group calls, spent hours chatting to fwends

🎐 took a lil kewpie doll with me everywhere as well as a bit of plastic in the shape of a cross i found at a beach in hawaii after having a lil god moment

🎐 turned sixteen and got my braces off

🎐 went to hawaii and loved every second of it, the snorkelling was my fav

🎐 saw heaps of pretty skies, and took too many photos of them opps

🎐 went to quite a few gigs, saw the daffodils and bene at the tuning fork which was so rad, had heaps of fun with my buddies

🎐 became obsessed with vinyl, got my first record and started building a collection, now have a turntable in my room

🎐 gave my budgie a pat

🎐 began over using the word rad and exclamation marks!!!

🎐 ate lot’s of yummy food

🎐 went to lot’s of crossfit classes to get strong and fit and to burn off all that yummy food

🎐 cried maybe twice?

🎐 danced by myself in my room too so many good songs, upped my playlist game too

🎐 got my first two rolls of film developed, bit to learn but luv them so much

🎐 played pool and sucked quite badly

🎐 starting failing maths and chemistry, tried my darn hardest but not taking them next year (big yay)

🎐 loved my very supportive friend group with my whole darn heart

🎐 became a bit too social and overworked my socially akward introverted self

🎐 wore some weird shit, but lot’s of it was second hand!!!

🎐 began to love cats (not more than dogs though)

🎐 watched so many movies, i love them so much and will share my favs at some point

🎐 took lot’s of photos and told myself the whole year to go through my camera roll but never did and now it’s so big i don’t even want to ever go through it

🎐 got a bit lazy, need to step it up in 2019, be more productive and create more

🎐 finished year 11 and had so much fun after it was done my goodness

🎐 reconnected with god more, but definitely room for improvement

🎐 drank too much hulu cat, spent heaps on it too 😦

🎐 continued to be obsessed with flowers and art

🎐 wrote lots of thoughts in purple moleskin which is one of my fav possessions and i have never let anyone read it but maybe i should?

🎐 kinda checked my horoscope even though i don’t think i fit aries traits or believe in horoscopes, i think i wanted guidance or advice

🎐 went to the great barrier island and was blown away, its so darn pretty! and im going back there next week (yay)

🎐 didn’t love myself as much as i should have, always working on that

🎐 became more and more thankful for you reading this, thanks for the support and wow you made it this far 😉


much love, well so much love actually. i wish you the very bestest for 2019, im looking forward to it but don’t make resolutions i think, just think of some things that will increase your happiness even small things and strive to make them a reality. take time for you, love everyone, and protect the planet. xox frankieeee