people and their tunes, take two

hey hey hey!

you all loved part one, and i loved making it too! and as i couldn’t fit everyone in the first take, here is a second! i’m sending a big thank you to everyone that submitted, if you reading this i’m very grateful and i hope you like your collage! but if you haven’t read part one (you so should).

i’ve been a bit absent on Instagram (sorry) as i all the free time i have had been spent very lazily instead and i have watched a lot of movies and listened to a lot of music instead of taking photos and being productive, but once summer’s in full swing i will be back and have some more inspiration and i’ll make some good stuff.

so i hope exams are going well for you, you can only do your best, so give it your best shot! i also hope you enjoy reading this and i have put all the songs on a playlist so you can listen to them while you read/ look!

much love xx f

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vintage garms!

hey! here is a little collection of some of the vintage/ op shop goodies i have found in the last month! i am super stocked with all this stuff like I’m very pumped for this spring weather that started to begin so it will be warm enough to wear it all! i found these things at the grey lynn car boot market, which I’ll be selling some things at on september 30th! and also the st vincent de paul charity hop in pt chev which my mum volunteers at!

I’m probably going to be a little busy over the next few weeks so this might be the last post in a while! thanks for all the love on the first part of people and their tunes! i have started working on part two and if you want to be part of it please do let me know, anyone is welcome! and i also have a lil plan for an ethical fashion post and a lookbook with just thrifted pieces, so watch this space.

well, enjoy this! and enjoy september, listen to great music, eat some good food, and do some fun things!

big love from me! xxx frankie.b


pink gingham linen shirt!cherry print nightie! (2)cherry print nightie! (6)pink gingham linen shirt! (1)cherry print nightie!cherry print nightie! (3)cherry print nightie! (4)pink gingham linen shirt! (2)cherry print nightie! (1)cherry print nightie! (5)

people and their tunes


i listen to music all the freaking time. i’m not sure how i would describe my music taste, its kinda a little bit of everything! according to spotify my top genre is indie r&b. i love hearing what everyone else loves to listen too because when you listen to music heaps new suggestions are much needed because you get sick of your own stuff sometimes. so i asked on instagram for people to share five songs they consider special to them, whether they are their favs or have a significant meaning, or they just like the way they sound. to everyone who shared their songs with me, and now with you, i love you all and i’m sending you the biggest thank you! without you, this wouldn’t be a thing! enjoy looking and listening, I have put all the songs on a playlist which will be linked just below this and i’ll put my august playlist at the bottom if you want to know what i’ve found this month.  enjoy reading this because i loved creating it. awesome sawsome! x

big love to y’all

xx frankie.b





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thanks for getting all the way to the end! i hope you loved reading this because i loved creating it! if you want to be in the next one send me an email or a dm with a photo of you and five songs that mean something special to you! i recieved so many submissions so there will 100% be a part two soon!

big love x

and here is my agust playlist, its a massive music month this month!


shooting with disposable film

hey lovelies!

i got my film from my disposable camera developed and i thought i would share the results and some tips i’ve learnt with you! these were taken over the course of four months, i took the camera to hawaii so there are some cute beach pics and captured lots of different snippets around auckland. i got my camera for $40 and it took 40 photos, it was a kodak one and to get all the photos developed it cost $25, so obviously compared to digital photos it’s pricey but there is something magic about film and having hard copies of all your images is quite nice.

next time i’m going to use the flash all the time as some photos, even if they were taken in a sunny location, came out really dark. natural lighting looks best so the pictures of the beach look dreamy. the quality of the disposable film is quite low and slightly grainy, personally, i think its cute.  and i had to scan all of these so the quality was reduced again, but i hope you enjoy, i love these very much!


slightly blurry, maybe i was in a hurry, but this was taken outside the pink hotel in hawaii which was very surreal to visit. IMG-3819 (1)

the golden hour view from our apartment in waikiki, we stayed at the ilikai and it was stunning.


i’m in freaking love with this one, this was a little set up i did for photography for art and it looks pretty darn cute on film.IMG-3849

the famous waikiki beach, my surf spot for the holidays was to the left a bit then directly out to the break. a magical moment i miss.IMG-3851

my brother on the bus. the flash would of made this one brighter but it looks quite nice all dark and moody.IMG-3831

this was my last day in hawaii and we were at the airport waiting to board, sad time, but i love the greys in this.IMG-3835

pretty flowers from my fav local spot, always photo-worthy always blooming gorgeous.


the view from our room in maui, this place was a literal dream to stay in, blew my mind.IMG-3848

cute little pt chev beach on a winters day, i walked down here with my birkenstocks on to read my book under a tree, it was a really nice afternoon.IMG-3846

this one is very dark but i think it’s the international food market in honolulu which was awesome and i had amazing falafels.IMG-3834

pt chev beach again, love that winter sun, shame the water ain’t warm.


waimea bay on the north shore of oahu, gorgeous beach and the church overlooking it makes it kinda special.IMG-3836

lol my fingers in this one, which is a shame because the tones are really nice, taken at pt chev beach.IMG-3852

me (or my silhouette) at bestie cafe which is one of my fav places, i love how the light shines through those big windows and the all-round atmosphere.IMG-3844

the sun in my cute lil room, sorry i’m kinda obsessed with light and sun. i love the grain in this.IMG-3823

freaking turtles, this was an amazing thing to witness and seeing them swim right next to you in unreal. i love the way the world is, all this beautiful creation.IMG-3822

this is somewhere in hawaii, not sure exactly but its magic. that blue, goodness gracious it’s gorgeous.IMG-3847

cute lights and posters in a market alleyway


thanks for looking and reading, it means the world to know that people like what i create. keep doing you, lots a love from me xx frankie!

four things with jasper and frankie

hey! it’s been a quick minute, hasn’t it! i’m super excited to get back on here and share some stuff I have been loving with y’all. and even more exciting, little this is a collaboration with my blogging friend jasper who you can find here! i freaking love this gal’s style so go and read her post after this and stalk her old posts because they are filled with pretty things! so today we decided we would share four things we have been loving recently and here are my picks, visit her blog for her’s.  enjoy x



Untitled design (10).png

my dad upgraded his thirty-year-old turntable for a brand spanking new one and everytime i’m home alone i play flowerboy by tyler the creator because my parents can’t stand it. it sounds so nice out loud and on vinyl. i added minute by minute by the doobie brothers to my vinyl collection which i got at the real groovy vinyl sale for $10. what a fool believes is my all time favorite song, not sure why but if you know it you would understand. i went to a gig with some friends and it was at UFO which is a record store/ gig venue and it was a really good time. they had a really good selection and the record wall pic at the end is from there. currently on my “vinyl to buy list” is this old dog by mac demarco and 6 feet beneath the moon by king krule. the only thing with vinyl is their kinda pricey so I think my collection will grow quite slowly.


NUMBER TWO woolen navy jumper

Untitled design (13)

for the past three years, i have been looking for my personal “dream jumper” and i’m pretty certain i’ve found the one. i nabbed it from tatty’s which is a recycled fashion store here in auckland, it was half price and is 100% wool. it’s slim fitting has a highish neckline, it’s tight around the wrists and sits nicely above my hips.  see perfection, and it’s in my fav color that I always buy too much of but I can’t stop myself.  so it was a complete score and i’m in freaking love!


NUMBER THREE my neighborhood

Untitled design (12)

i have just returned to school after a two week school holiday and during my two weeks of freedom, i kinda became a tourist in my own home.  these pictures are of three cute looking places i found while wandering around. on saturday i walked down to my local beach and took my book and had a read under a tree by myself. it was damn lovely not gonna lie.  i thought about a lot, cleared my head, and got out in the fresh air. i actually love doing things by myself and i kinda forget sometimes that when i have nothing to do i could just go on a walk and take a break from having company.


NUMBER FOUR breakfast

Untitled design (11)

brekkie i think will forever and always be my favorite meal of the day. i have become a bit of a smoothie freak this past month. for the best banana smoothie, you could have, pop one banana, half a cup of oats, some honey and a big splash of coconut milk. for a smoothie bowl add the same ingredients as before plus a cup of chopped strawberries or raspberries. then top with chopped banana, mango, and raspberries.  also If your keen for some orange juice, peel as many oranges as you have and pop them in your blender, it’s really pulpy but really yum. i am a porridge freak, oats are my favorite food, i might make a little porridge cookbook soon if you would like, but I went to honey bones which is one of my local cafe’s and ordered their buckwheat chocolate porridge. so freaking delicious, the photo of it is the one at the end,  there were strawberries on it and it ain’t even strawberry season! five stars 😉


i hope you enjoyed this, thanks for reading to the end. if there is anything else you want to see or know, let me know! i love hearing from y’all so if you ever want to chat or say hi you can contact me via the links below! much love and see you next time! xxx frankie!



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 oh look what i finally got round to doing!

i had the bestest time in hawaii, everything was gorgeous it was so nice to relax and i experienced things that i never had before! i haven’t traveled a lot so every small difference was just mind blowing and i fell in love with creation all over again. i can’t wait to go back or even just surf and snorkel again, can’t explain how much i love the ocean!!! i took so many photos and i have more i could of shown you and when i get my film developed i will make sure you can see them but this is a huge bundle of my favorite places and moments! if you have any questions please let me know! i miss it so much!

i hope you’re doing well and school/ life is treating you good! enjoy all the photos!

xx frankie!


Hawaii (15)

Hawaii (11)

Hawaii (14)

Hawaii (12)

Hawaii (2)

Hawaii (10)

Hawaii (9)

Hawaii (6)

Hawaii (7)

Hawaii (5)

Hawaii (8)

Hawaii (3)

Hawaii (4)

Hawaii (1)


woah, go you! made it to the end! xx

fashion things i love, take 2.

hello lovelies!

today is my 16th bday! woo, i feel a bit old! but what’s more exciting is that i go to hawaii on saturday, my flights at midnight too which i think is pretty cool!

i thought before i go i would sneak in one more post, this is the second time i’ve done this and it’s double the size! when i get back i’ll share lots of photos, and what i got! ahhh cant wait! and i have put my april playlist below too, enjoy and thanks for reading!

xxx frankie



3. read morearticles, interviews, blog posts, books, fill the little head with info. (2)


* graphic tees *

all of these ones are cool cool cool. i recently got a comme des garcons tee from a 2nd hand shop and it is small fitting and i love it!

* pant-suits *

i adore suits on women, the look strong and masculine as well as powerful and pretty. Hillary Clinton rocks them like nobody’s business!

* slip dresses *

im gonna be on the look out for one of these in hawaii, i kinda want one in khaki green.

* pink *

kinda explains itself, its my fav colour and i really want some more pink in my wardrobe!

3. read morearticles, interviews, blog posts, books, fill the little head with info. (1)* stripy shirts *

so chic, so cute, my favs the one with the thick pastel stripes.

* tie front tops *

the summer weather is slowly fading here is auckland buts it will be spring in hawaii so i can imagine rocking one of these on the beach.

* silk *

looks lovely, feels lovely.

* jumpsuits *

i’m only about five foot three so my hope is a jumpsuit would make me look a bit taller, can only hope.

dresses done differently

hey hey hey, it’s been a lil while but i found some time and i finally have a lookbook for y’all! school is ridiculously stressful, i kinda hate that everyone has such a negative outlook on school, i have it too, i feel like it should be a place where we expand our minds, learn skills for our adult lives, and make friends and have a bit of fun. but it just seems to be inspiring and tough work.

ya girl is now a working girl. i got a job at collected by leeanne yare, who is the epitome of a lovely lady boss (pilot, mum and store owner) it’s a lot of fun learning the tricks of the retail trade. and it’s also good to have some money to spend in Hawaii. if you have ever been please flick me an email ( and tell me some go-to places, i would love that. i go april the 14th.

so this lookbook is three different looks that all include dresses (two vintage ones) but i styled them a little different to how dresses are usually worn, mainly by layering pieces underneath. i hope you enjoy! i’ve been having a bit of a style struggle at the moment, i tend to wear things that are a little different so having a tonne of confidence to go with the look normally helps but this month its been a bit tough.

im hoping to post a lil chatty q&a style post later, i want to chat, inspo, music, religion e.c.t. if there is anything you wanna know let me now.

xx fwankie


my march playlist:

frank oceans cover of moon river gives me life


look 01:

dress KAF kids polo _ uniqlo from tattys2 (2)

dress: vintage, mums old one

white top underneath: shirred singlet from glassons

shoes: by jeffery campbell from tatty’s

hoops: from look sharp store ($2 for 3 pairs) probably awful for my piercing


look 02:

dress KAF kids polo _ uniqlo from tattys2 (1)

dress: vintage from witchery

long sleeve: navy merino from jk kids

hoops : same as above

socks: their sparkly and from cotton on body

shoes: purple nike air max’s from tatty’s


look 03:

dress KAF kids polo _ uniqlo from tattys2

polo: uniqlo from tatty’s for 50 cents!

dress: kaf for kids

heels: fake gucci heels from china town.

glasses: carter bond

thanks for reading, it means the world hun! xx

my crib

hello lovelies!

no more holidays 😦 but i had the greatest six weeks off beach hopping, going to festival one and just chilling.  every time when i ask you what you want to see on here i get requests to show you where i sleep, create, and live! my style has changed a lot over the years and definitely since my last room tour i would describe it know as flea-market hipster, plant lover, so enjoy! xx


Untitled design (1)

my sleeping station!

so this is my place for dozing, netflix watching and it’s used to hold folded washing. the doona is from IKEA and you’ve probably seen it on many tumblr-meme accounts. the pink linen pillowcase and mustard yellow cushion are from citta, which i totally adore.  i have a rose lemonade bottle with dried eucalyptus cause i love the smell, a stack of books and a mood board made up of printed out pictures and vintage stamps. i also have a volkswagen VW sign of my mum and dads very old kombi van which they sadly left in London during their travels.


Untitled design (3)

my desk.

this is where i do homework, study, write blog posts, and create things if i have the patience and will power! i like to keep it bare (i know it’s boring sorry), i have a lot of storage in and beside my desk. this makes it easier to pull out school books, laptop, and make a mess when i need to. i have a few things stuck on the wall – vintage film photographs, sex wax air freshener, some plants, a glass with my favorite pens and a little tray with business cards, aesop samples and my moleskine.  i also have close by on the wall my frankie magazine calendar keeping me on top of stuff!


Untitled design (2)

my favorite area!

this chair is my all time favorite thing i can call mine. it’s gorgeous and from shanghai in the 70’s! here i read, think and sit if it all gets to much. i have crystals, dried plants, hand wash, my film camera and tea in this area so it’s like my chill and unwind station.  i don’t use this area all the time, i tend to save it for special days, like if im feeling like i need to chill, when i get a bit overwhelmed or when i feel like listening to worship music (god time!).


Untitled design


my chest of drawers.

this groovy retro piece holds all my undies, t-shirts, shorts and normally all my beauty products but i hid them for the photo cause they ain’t that pretty. the mirror is from kmart and i decorated with plants, and little wonders like a tea cup that was my great nana’s with a beeswax candle inside! this is the first area i use in the morning so i try to keep it tidy so i can start the day with a little bit of sanity!


hey you, i hope you liked this xx frankie!


i pray for the people you meet, may you offer them kindness and receive it in return. may you come across people that widen your mind and make you think. 



p (1)

p (2)

p (3)

* quote by rupi kaur *

i’m wearing a vintage dress from the bread and butter letter and fake gucci heels from china town on ti rakau drive. flowers are from cartier for flowers in newmarket which is utterly gorgeous! and i got my hair did and now it looks sun-bleached blonde.

the holidays are fast finishing but i still have one very exciting thing coming up tomorrow! i’m going to festival one which is a christian music festival and all of my friends will be there and i haven’t seen most of them all holidays because we have all been busy! so i am super excited, i’m rarely never not excited to be honest though!

i got gifted these beautiful blooms from my mum’s friend alma who owns cartier for flowers. my mum used to work there so we popped in to say hello and came out with blooms! so blessed!

i can’t wait to create and shoot more things in 2018, i’m doing to hawaii in april and i cannot wait to go!

thanks for all the love and support, xxx frankie!


a lil prayer: i pray that your remember to care for yourself, show yourself the love you tirelessly show others.