the things i did and learnt in twenty eighteen.

🎐 snorkelled over a stingray that gave me a fright because i didn't see it 🎐 found the two yummiest coconut milks because i became lactose intolerant 🎐 got burnt and peeled so many times which is very bad 🎐 found the wonders that is kombucha and la croix 🎐 had a monarch butterfly sit on my shoulder when i … Continue reading the things i did and learnt in twenty eighteen.


people and their tunes, take two

hey hey hey! you all loved part one, and i loved making it too! and as i couldn't fit everyone in the first take, here is a second! i'm sending a big thank you to everyone that submitted, if you reading this i'm very grateful and i hope you like your collage! but if you … Continue reading people and their tunes, take two

vintage garms!

hey! here is a little collection of some of the vintage/ op shop goodies i have found in the last month! i am super stocked with all this stuff like I'm very pumped for this spring weather that started to begin so it will be warm enough to wear it all! i found these things … Continue reading vintage garms!

people and their tunes

hellooooo! i listen to music all the freaking time. i'm not sure how i would describe my music taste, its kinda a little bit of everything! according to spotify my top genre is indie r&b. i love hearing what everyone else loves to listen too because when you listen to music heaps new suggestions are … Continue reading people and their tunes

shooting with disposable film

hey lovelies! i got my film from my disposable camera developed and i thought i would share the results and some tips i've learnt with you! these were taken over the course of four months, i took the camera to hawaii so there are some cute beach pics and captured lots of different snippets around … Continue reading shooting with disposable film

four things with jasper and frankie

hey! it's been a quick minute, hasn't it! i'm super excited to get back on here and share some stuff I have been loving with y'all. and even more exciting, little this is a collaboration with my blogging friend jasper who you can find here! i freaking love this gal's style so go and read her … Continue reading four things with jasper and frankie


 oh look what i finally got round to doing! i had the bestest time in hawaii, everything was gorgeous it was so nice to relax and i experienced things that i never had before! i haven't traveled a lot so every small difference was just mind blowing and i fell in love with creation all over again. … Continue reading hawaii

fashion things i love, take 2.

hello lovelies! today is my 16th bday! woo, i feel a bit old! but what's more exciting is that i go to hawaii on saturday, my flights at midnight too which i think is pretty cool! i thought before i go i would sneak in one more post, this is the second time i've done … Continue reading fashion things i love, take 2.

dresses done differently

hey hey hey, it's been a lil while but i found some time and i finally have a lookbook for y'all! school is ridiculously stressful, i kinda hate that everyone has such a negative outlook on school, i have it too, i feel like it should be a place where we expand our minds, learn … Continue reading dresses done differently